What to do When a Relationship becomes a Nightmare?


Going into a relationship is usually done with a lot of hope and good intentions. You start off and everything is fun and exciting. Connecting with this new person fills you with ideas for a potential life together. But this is only an infatuation stage; the real test of a relationship’s quality comes sometime after the first few months. Once you’ve begun to uncover the reality of your partner. When everything has settled down, the rhythm and routine of the being together is established. Your personality traits reach deeper levels of interaction with your partner. And the truth of your compatibility becomes apparent. And it almost becomes a nightmare to stay in such a relationship where your personal dignity and satisfaction is at risk.


Resentment and frustration


If you have a strong balance between you, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to have a solid relationship. There will be some hassles of course, but your natural chemistry will always bring you to resolve your issues. However, if you’re an unstable couple, the situation could get out of hand. Conflicting personalities could cause nasty fights and even severe emotional trauma. These scenarios can become so bad to the point where every day is a constant struggle that both parties dread to face. Resentment and frustration end up growing out of proportion and the smallest event often results in an argument. You and your partner remain continuously hostile as the hope and happiness in the relationship get depleted. If this terror of a partnership goes on, it can even turn physically violent. Before it turns worse for you, you need to get out of this nightmare.



Emotions make people do crazy, unreasonable things. Everyone goes through this now and again, but some people have a predisposition to be exceptionally toxic. There’s a fine line between someone who is having a bad day. Or whose emotions are on edge and someone who is fundamentally narcissistic. And negative on a daily basis without any real causation. These types of people can be a major drain on any relationship. Whether they’re endlessly self-destructive, they feed on emotional drama. Or they simply can’t help being selfish individuals. These toxic people should be avoided if you want to have a pleasant relationship.


Fear of Toxic Relationship


It can be extremely tough to break away from this kind of environment, despite how logical of a choice it might seem to everyone around you. Fear of being alone is usually a big factor when it comes to prolonging these toxic companionships. You get so used to being with this person and even though they make you miserable. You develop a narrow vision that only lets you see yourself with them. This situation will drain a lot of your emotional strength and the sooner you can realize it, the better. Each person only has a certain level of endurance for such emotional discord; it’s inevitable that you’ll reach a stage where you can no longer tolerate it.


Decide Whether To Have A New World


When you make the decision that you deserve a relationship of higher quality, you start to attract new opportunities into your life. Once you’ve found the courage to move on, it’s as if you unlock a fresh part of your world. That you previously slept in a nightmare. And you’re left wondering how you ever allowed yourself to be in such a dire position. Have a look at this article for further relationship know-how.


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