How to Date an Impulsive Man

Successful and mature relationships are all about stability and calm. If a relationship doesn’t provide partners with the feelings of comfort and security, it may be very hard to keep it afloat. When it comes to dating guys, impulsive men are one of the hardest personality types to handle. They make the relationship a real roller coaster – or in the worse case – train wreck.


So, how exactly can you achieve stability with an impulsive man?


First, don’t try to change him. This is one of the most important rules of dating, but many of us easily forget about it. If you’ve met a person who behaves in a certain way, it’s certainly hard to change them, because they’ve been behaving like this for years, whereas they know you for a hot second. So, first of all, don’t try to “tame“ him or make him into something you’re picturing.


Secondly, think of your man’s impulsiveness as your ticket out of the comfort zone. If you notice your man’s impulsiveness as a big issue, you’re probably pretty rigid yourself. Try to learn a thing or two from him and adapt yourself. You never know what kind of good traits you can pick up from a relationship partner.


Being married to an impulsive man is especially difficult. Marriage implies daily mature and well thought-out decisions, which is the opposite of what your man acts like on a regular basis.


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So, what can you do when you’re dating an impulsive man to handle it better? Many women in relationships with impulsive men feel like it’s their fault that the relationship is rocky.


First, don’t bombard him with your routines and schedules, because that will scare him away. Deep inside, impulsive men are yearning for freedom and independence – being their own men. If you endanger this freedom to do what he wants, when and how he wants it, you’ll endanger your relationship as well.


However, don’t go to the opposite side of the spectrum. Namely, many women who date impulsive men find it easier to succumb to their whims and just go with the flow. They do this even though it’s something they’re totally against. These women simply “drift“ through the relationship. Even though your man is impulsive, do not let his explosive decisions determine the course of your relationship. Be there for him when he needs someone to stabilize him, but don’t do whatever he wants to do.


Lastly, next to all the bad stuff and troubles, dating an impulsive man can be simply amazing! If you see it from another perspective, namely, as something that makes your man special and unique, you’ll soon start enjoying his impulsive personality. The world is full of non-risk-takers, 9-to-5-ers, and routiners, so you should feel lucky that you’re with someone who’s completely different!

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