How to Handle a Man-Child Husband

How to Handle a Man-Child Husband

It is not easy to deal with a man-child husband. Some men know exactly how to act during the courting phase, but as soon as you’ve tied the knot, you notice he is acting less and less like the man you fell in love with, and more and more like a child


When you talked about wanting a kid, this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. You still love him but miss the days when he was your hero.

It is unhealthy for any partner to take on the role of parent or rescuer. A good relationship is based on balance and an equal workload. So if you find yourself taking all the responsibility for your “knight in shining armor”. Well! it’s time to take a stand and end this nonsense once and for all.


What is a Man-Child husband?

Emotional immaturity and an inability to take responsibility are the key characteristics of a man- child.

Whether he stunted his growth from taking too many drugs or was just spoilt.  The fact remains that somehow this guy never grew up and learned how to take care of himself. Instead, he is overly needy, constantly whining and complaining about insignificant trivialities.

Any form of constructive criticism is met with defensiveness and he is a master of the blame game.

Man-child generally cannot keep track of time. He only manages to pull it together in certain situations (that suit him). On the whole, he is completely unreliable, unpredictable, inconsiderate and impossible to deal with as a partner.


How to Handle a Man- Child husband?

A man-child husband will drain your time, money, emotional and physical energy – and leave you vulnerable to burnout.

Here are a few techniques you can try, to fast track your man’s puberty. However, many man-children are pretty thick-headed so if you see no progress within six months, drop him.

Drop him and his stuff off at his mom’s house so you can sign up to to find a real man who will support you.


The level of immaturity you will be dealing with in a man- child husband will make it difficult to strike a compromise.

Any attempt to change his behavior will likely be met with rebellious resistance and childish protest. The best you can do is to maintain composure and not stoop to his level or you will inadvertently be starting a war.

Instead, try to set up strong boundaries such as separating your bank accounts so that he can’t blow your hard earned cash.

Practice tough love, and if he asks for handouts after running out of money, stand firm until he learns the hard way.


Set Ultimatums

It’s up to you whether you want to set up ultimatums. But having a concrete time period in mind is handy because, at the end of the day, it’s your life. And having a man- child will significantly affect it.  Whether you are considering leaving the relationship ( or trying to make it work,/

It can be beneficial to invest in some professional guidance such as therapy or a relationship coach. Alternatively, you can find a wealth of resources for all kinds of situations right here on

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