Dating: Constant Rejection

Most of us can agree: dating is hard and complicated. What’s portrayed in popular, culture as a fun, easy-going activity is actually a stressful and nerve-shattering experience. It’s a process of getting to know someone, while at the same time letting the person get to know you. However, it’s not as simple as that: both persons are actually presenting themselves in the best light, and it can be very strenuous to keep up appearances.

This aura of dishonesty and manipulation is one of the reasons why the concept of dating in order to find true love is flawed. People who are willing to commit and get married will only get frustrated from dating: instead, you should find a like-minded partner who’s done with playing games. If you’re ready for that and want to find your forever-person, visit This pioneer marriage match-making website moves the limelight from dating to marriage.

In the dating process, one of the hardest things to face is rejection. It’s a direct blow to the ego and motivation for further interaction. When someone rejects you romantically, it’s impossible not to take it personally. Constant rejection in dating can have a huge negative impact on your self-esteem. This, in return, can further impact other areas of your life, like professional development, family life, friends, activities…

If you’re still in the dating game, the strongest shield you must acquire is how to handle constant rejection. This is an especially important skill for men. Since men traditionally approach potential partners more often than women, they are rejected more often.


Don’t Take It Personally (However Impossible It May Sound)

Yes, we know, it sounds crazy. After all, getting rejected is the number 1 personal blow. However, think of the situation from the other person’s perspective. The reason you’d reject someone would probably be based on your own issues or opinions, rather than the other person. This is why it’s important to remember that everyone has a right to reject you and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not relationship material.


Approach A Different Type of Potential Partners

This may sound harsh, but it doesn’t imply that you’re not a grade-10 catch. It can simply mean that the persons you’re approaching are typically not attracted to your personality type. Of course, there are exceptions, but some personality types are more likely to end up with your personality type. A silly, yet simple example would be a couch potato gamer who has a thing for athlete girls. If he constantly approaches fitness girls, he will most likely get rejected. That doesn’t mean that he’s undesirable, but that this type of girl usually has a similar attraction pattern (athletes).


Don’t Give Up

This may sound as impossible as not taking it personally, but it’s crucial to not lose your hope if you want to find someone to have a serious relationship with. It’s obvious, constant rejection in dating is hard, but if you give up, you’ll never give a chance to finding true love. To continue, we’re rooting for you!

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