Signs of a Stalker

Think stalkers are a thing from horror shows and Hollywood movies only? Well, think again. Unfortunately, stalking is a quite common issue in today’s society. With the rise of social media, it’s even easier for people to follow every second of your day. How to know you’re dealing with a stalker and what can you do about it?

  1. They’re Emotional and Very Intense

Stalkers are people who view the entire world in a black and white mode. If they’re doing something, they’re doing it all the way. However, this can also mean that they will focus all of their efforts, time and energy into pursuing you. Stalkers are very adamant about their desires and they simply won’t take no for an answer. Another tell-tale sign is that they’re highly emotional: they think of you as the love of their life and they profess their love in dramatic, over-the-top ways.

  1. They Know All About You

Surprised that your new date knows the name of your baby nephew, even though you two have just met? That’s a sign you might be dealing with a stalker. If someone already has a bunch of information about your personal life, hobbies, and activities, they have probably done their fair share of stalking. Unfortunately, along with the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we have also seen an increase in stalking. Remember not to post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing publicly.

  1. They Always Seem To Be Around

Whether you’re at work, walking down the street or parking your car, they somehow always manage to be in the nearby area. Ask yourself is it possible that this is random or you really might have a stalker problem. When you see them in a place where you wouldn’t expect them to be, ask them what they’re doing there. If they get fluttered and you catch them in a lie, it confirms that they’ve been following you.

  1. They Are Manipulative

Even though stalking stems from a deeper psychological issue, stalkers are definitely capable of hurting those around them. In general, people prone to stalking are manipulative and have a rare talent of always ending up in the position of the victim. Don’t let a stalker manipulate you and always remember what’s actually going on. Also, don’t let them flatter you or coerce you into a relationship.

  1. They’re Intimidating

If you simply feel uneasy around someone and there are a lot of unanswered questions about their relationship towards you, you could be dealing with a stalker. If you have developed intuition, you might develop a “gut feeling“ that something about this person just doesn’t feel right. Furthermore, stalkers can use their intimidating tactics to scare you into a relationship with them. This might not be so clear, but it’s nuanced and sophisticated, and you might even find yourself in a relationship with them without knowing why.

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