Deal With a Vindictive Ex-Wife

If you have gone through a divorce, you probably know that the person who was once your loved one can become one of your biggest enemies. All breakups are hard, but it’s sometimes even harder having to deal with the person in the aftermath.

Divorce triggers some upsetting emotions and thoughts and can really bring out the worst in people. Your once sweet, loving wife can be easily transformed into an ex from hell.

If you belong to the group of the unfortunate who suffer from a bad case of “ex-wife-gone-mad“, read these tips on how to make your life easier.

  1. Don’t Be Aggressive

Giving your ex a taste of her own medicine is never a good choice. By reciprocating her aggression or having a revenge competition, you’re only deepening the huge rift between you two.

As the saying goes: “Every fool is quick to quarrel, By yielding you conquer.” As hard as this may seem, try to be the bigger person and step away from the conflict.

  1. Focus on Yourself and Your Life

A nasty divorce can quickly become your biggest problem and worry in the years following it. Don’t let your divorce or your vindictive ex-wife get the best of you. Close that chapter and focus on becoming a new, improved version of yourself. Become a person that doesn’t have a problem with his ex-wife. This may sound hard, but can be achieved through commitment and patient work.

Focus on your hobbies and the things you enjoy. Try to promote happiness and contentment in your lifestyle, instead of staying in your head and playing mind games with your ex-wife.

  1. Limit Your Contact with Your Ex-Wife

This is especially recommended if you’re in a new relationship or marriage. Even though it might seem productive to talk things out with your ex-wife, if she’s hurt and vindictive, the conversation will be anything but productive.

By keeping in constant contact, you’re only paying additional attention to your ex-wife, which is basically what she wants in the first place.

You don’t have to block your ex-wife’s number or social media to distance yourself. This can only make her more furious and hurt. Just answer to the texts and calls that are really necessary and keep communication at a minimum.

  1. Be Emphatic and Try to Understand Her Side

Even though she may seem like an irrational, crazy person from your perspective, your ex-wife’s aggressive and vindictive behavior is actually her way of processing her negative emotions.

This is not something to be judged: we are all human and we often respond to negative emotions in weird ways. Acting vindictively or aggressively towards your ex is actually quite common, unfortunately.

Try to understand how she’s feeling and put yourself in her shoes. Maybe this will give you the right perspective on how to handle the situation. is your way to a new, happy marriage far away from your vindictive ex-wife. Sign up today and turn a new page in your love life.

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