Brutally Honest

How to Differentiate If He is Player or Brutally Honest


Being in a relationship is all about taking care of each other. Being honest and truthful determines the strength of a relationship; however, being brutally honest is considered unsupportive in a healthy relationship.  It can be hurt your partner’s feelings to hear the brutal truth from your partner in the relationship. However, brutal honesty is considered identical to the emotional abuse; when your partner is aware of your emotional state, he chose to deliver a hurtful speech.

There are often signs if the early days of a dating relationship, which should be observed to identify if he is a player or a brutally honest person.

You can differentiate between a player and a brutally honest person by checking the following signs:


  1. They Act As They Care

They might show concern that they understand your unspoken words and feelings; however, they are lying and trying to conduct manipulative ways to deliver their thoughts in the name of being honest in the relationship. Have faith in your senses as you will feel his honesty or fraudulent nature. You will not feel a full-fledged comfort with a person who is a player. Your inner consciousness will keep on giving you red alerts and do not ignore them.

If you find something fishy, then do not get deeper into the matter. It will help you find out the exact person who is behind the curtain.


  1. They have crazy Friends

If all of his friends are crazy and he is displaying himself as the nicest person around you, then the reality is that he could be lying about his individuality. A nice and kind guy will never settle for crazy friends. Remember, this guy could be a black sheep, and he might be playing around with your feelings and sentiments. Checking his friends could be a great way to see if he is a player. You can also contact for their relationship advice.


  1. They Critique Your Individuality

Couples often comment on each other to improve and develop their personalities. It is significant to criticize in a healthy way rather than in a mean way. A brutally honest person directly speaks about your personality than your actions. This induces the toxicity and emotional abuse in the relationship.

Whereas, a player will keep on boosting only the positive things in you. He will have an oily tongue to keep you happy every time.


  1. Everything is Temporary for a Player

A player does not set long-term goals in his life. He faces a hard time maintaining a relationship and job for longer durations. He might not stay friends with people for more than two years. It should be noted that a player does not believe in setting healthy goals and working for their accomplishments. It is not healthy to stay around them.

However, the most common thing about a player and a brutally honest person is their selfish and egotistical personalities. If you have been in a relationship with them and looking for further assistance, you can sign up with to get the expert advice and assistance.

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