Dealing with Insecurity in Marriage

Every person on the face of the Earth has their own little insecurities about certain things in the world, which can sometimes eat them up inside and really annoy them in some major ways. There are always certain things which you can do in order to help alleviate some of those insecurities, but when it comes to having any insecurities in your marriage, it can start to cause some major issues for you and your partner. With that in mind, it is important that you try to find the best way possible to deal with your insecurities in your marriage so that you don’t let them destroy the good things that are definitely going to be there.


Facing your insecurities head-on can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, which leads to you decide to keep pushing them down so that they are going to build into something much bigger than it needed to be. As difficult as it might seem, it really is important that you talk about your insecurities with your partner, letting them know where you stand and how certain things make you feel. Talking is one of the biggest keys to any successful relationship, so be open and honest with them, but at the same time try not to put things on them which they have not done wrong.


Our insecurities can grow with our paranoia, so it is important that you do not let any paranoia get the better of you. There are so many people who feel the need to go through their partner’s phone, or go through their social media accounts, as they are paranoid that something is going on and they want to find out, even if their partner has insisted that they are worrying about nothing. The problem here is that it is possible to make something out of nothing. You can read a simple, meaningless message and twist it into something that supports your fears, even when it is perfectly harmless. To stop this from happening, trust your partner and never go snooping through their phone or social media, as it is only going to make things worse.


Not everything in a relationship is completely black and white. There are going to be times when you are going to have to compromise and going to have to give a little to get a little. That is how a relationship works. You need to fully trust your partner. You need to treat them exactly how you would expect to be treated yourself. Believe in them as much as you want them to believe in you. As we always, so the most important thing to make your relationship successful, is to be open and honest with one another. Talk to each other about everything. Love one another. Trust and respect. Never let your insecurities ruin what could be a special relationship, as you will regret it forever.

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