Dating to Relationship Transition


It is fair to say that the dating scene has become more and more complicated as the year’s progress. There are people who are forever inventing new ways for people to go on a date with one another and most of the time it doesn’t really lead to anything special. When you do like someone, it can be hard to know just how much they like you back, since people have become so withdrawn and standoffish about their feelings and emotions. How do you know when the two of you are still dating or that you are now finally in a relationship together? And can you make it clearer to one another that you now consider yourself in a relationship, rather than still just dating?


One way that you can make it perfectly clear to your partner that you want to move beyond just dating and actually make things official, is to start to put more focus on them and show them just how much they mean to you. You can often find that one of you is regularly on your phone or that you are distracted in one way or another, so make sure that you are fully focused and committed to the person in front of you. Look at them when they are speaking, really listen to what they are saying and make it clear that they are all you care about at that moment. It will definitely move things a little bit closer to making your relationship official.


While it is definitely very important that the two of you spend more time together, in order to move away from that dating tag, there is also a way that you can move towards a relationship with one another, when you can’t even be together. Yes, technology can be blamed for ruining so many relationships, but it is also a great way to bring couples closer together when it is used right. If you can’t be with your partner for a while, then make sure that you call them to let them know you are thinking of them. Or, maybe you can just call them for no reason at all, other than just to hear there voice. Another clear sign that you want to move towards moving away from dating and into a relationship.


With all that said, there is a way that you can prevent yourself from even being in this situation, by going away with the whole dating thing altogether. There are websites out there like, which encourage you to forget about dating and instead go on what is known as Marriage Meetings. This way you get to that relationship in a much quicker, clearer and more efficient way, without wasting your time or leaving the relationship with the emotional baggage. Meet that person of your dreams and get into a relationship with them, marry them, live happily ever after. Surely nothing sounds better than that.

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