Digital Age

Digital Age: Evolution of Dating in Recent Years


Dating has changed drastically since a few years ago. When technology wasn’t part of everyday life, you had to send letters to your loved ones. And these letters took weeks, sometimes months, to reach your love interest. The idea of waiting for a letter for longer than a week seems alien compared to the quick access to personal messaging nowadays. In less than a split second, you can connect with someone of interest over the internet. Quick access to social media and personal messaging over social networks have made chatting, flirting and communicating so much easier in this digital age.

But how does the new digital age affect modern dating?

Long ago there wasn’t a massive collection of singles available. Most singles would be married by the young age of 16.  Getting a divorce would mean the end of a good reputation, so meeting a divorcee wasn’t something you could depend on if you were an older single or also divorced individual. Not to mention if you were a single parent. Your chances of meeting someone who would like to marry you was very rare. As divorcees and single parents were seen as unholy and spoiled.

Just meeting someone was a difficult process within itself. Traveling from one city to the next took ages. Most parents kept their children (especially daughters) hidden in the house, to not let them be exposed to a variety of different bad influences. Parents would keep their children under guards and a Hawkeye. As time has moved on, people have started marrying at much older ages. Most singles are in their early to late 20s and this has become normal. Singles are open to dating and start going on dates at the young age of 12. Dating a bunch of random other singles until they finally find the one.


In the past, singles didn’t have a wide variety to choose from either. Marriages were either arranged or you had to get married to the girl or boy who lived closest to you. Because of the scarcity of eligible singles, you couldn’t choose who you really wanted. The most good looking or smart singles were usually promised to someone in the same status. Modern day dating apps have made it so much easier meeting a big number of singles from all over the world, of all age groups. You basically have a buffet of singles of all flavors and you can pick and choose the ones you want.

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