How to Deal with Online Dating Disappointment


Online dating has become extremely popular under singles from all ages and all ethnicities. The basic gist of online dating is to create a profile where you state a few random facts about yourself and then add your best pictures on there too. You then upload your profile onto a site where thousands of other singles browse through and they either like your profile or they don’t. They can decide whether they want to chat with you online for the potential of going on a date.


The worst thing about online dating is that it has become very superficial. It is here where ‘judge a book by its cover’ has taken full control. You really judge the person from their photo. If you like what you see, you may look at their profile. Even if the information on the profile isn’t something that you like, their good looks are persuasion enough to let you pursue them further.


This brings me to the first real disappointment of online dating – CATFISHING. Catfishing is a term used when someone creates a fake persona online in order to lure the other person in. Individuals have been reported to believe that they’ve been talking to celebrities online or that they have fallen in love with supermodels.  Some people have been chatting to fake profiles for years and years.


Some online dating sites don’t do any form of background checking so evil Catfishers can create as many fake profiles as they want. They then play on emotions, tell lies and infiltrate into others lives under false pretenses. The consequences of the victim putting their own love life on hold for the hopes of meeting up with the love of their lives.


In some bad cases, the person being catfished has transferred money into the catfish’s account. Or they have traveled across the country to meet up with the catfish, with them making up excuses of why they can’t meet up. This causing financial ruin and emotional distress.


Someone who is the victim to catfishing has a constant feeling of insecurity and paranoia. The second real disappointing thing about online dating is that individuals have become so disposable.  You can chat to as many people as you’d like.  Often confusing information and being in multiple online relationships, this really disregarding the sanctity of being in a relationship.


Singles just want to have a good time and some online dating sites, like Tinder, are there for the main purpose of setting up hookups. Having quick one-night stands without the responsibility of going into a committed relationship. doesn’t fall under the online dating site community. It’s one of a kind ‘Marriage only Matchmaking’ service, where you won’t have any online dating disappointments. You create a profile on for the sole purpose of finding someone to get married to. By doing this you completely eliminate the risk of being part of the online dating system.


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