Ditch Him

Ditch Him: Signs that You’re Being Used by the Man


Some men can be extremely playful in being dishonest about their feelings and emotional states during a relationship. It is important to realize his actions around you and construct a possible solution to save yourself from his intentions. However, if you chose to stay with him despite his intentions, then you are responsible for getting used by this man. Here are some of the signs to determine his playful behavior and ditch him:

  1. He initiates communication with his routine


This is the most common sign to look for. If your partner contacts you during his free time and does not care about your schedule, then he is just using you for his entertainment purpose. You should try reaching out to him during your free time and evaluate his response.


If he gets irritated, then this could be a sign that he is using you and it is time for you to get over this man. He will try to avoid you, and when you will do that frequently, then he will get made on you. This is the point to ditch him and move on.


  1. There are no real dates between you two


If you have been seeing this guy and there are hardly any times that you both are going out. You spend time at his or your house. He might be using you, but not ready to commit to a long-term relationship. Whenever you ask about a wedding or a long-term relationship, then he will not be ready to make some promises. He will not be serious about planning your future with him.


He saves money around you and does not show the seriousness with his behavior. This is another sign that he does not deserve to be in a relationship with you.


  1. He is too good to be real


If he has been doing all things in the perfect ways and you are familiar that he is a smooth player and if he does not get nervous in any of the situations and master perfection in every little detail, there could be a possibility that he has been doing these things to other women as well. If the person is real, then he will have some limitations to show you as he will be dealing you with the truth.


A true person never hides his weaknesses and never thinks that he is the only person in the world who is perfect. You should look for some other signs and be attentive near him. Remember, do not let him use you during the process. GoMarry.com is a reliable place to look for the most proficient partner of your life.


  1. He does not talk about finances


If you have been seeing each other from quite some time, and have developed understanding to head for the next phase, then he should talk about the division of the expenses for the future. If he does not talk about it, then there is something fishy going on in his mind. Ditch him and move on at this point.


You need to communicate with him about your concerns regarding commitment. If he does not respond positively, you should get rid of him. You can sign up with GoMarry.com and get their assistance in looking for a new partner.

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