Independent Woman Relationship Problems

Relationships can be hard at the best of times but there are some of us who find it much more difficult to have a long, happy and successful relationship than others. When it comes to finding romance which is going to stand the test of time, it is fair to say that independent women find it much more difficult than most. There are many reasons why men find it hard to accept an independent woman for who she is, and many reasons why women struggle to find her Mr. Right when she is so independent. With that said, we truly believe that there is someone for everyone and independent women can also find true love. But why is it so difficult for them in the first place?


In the early stages of a relationship, it is supposed to be full on with constant passion, but sometimes an independent woman would rather have her space, something which does not sit well with a man. Some men can get super needy and expect to be with their new partner for the majority of the time, but this is not going to sit well with an independent woman. As well as that, some guys can tend text and call their girlfriend too much and, if she is an independent woman, then this is only going to push her away.


Where it can sometimes get difficult to know what is what comes when you are out on a date together. Now, some woman loves the old ways of dating and find it very romantic, and in some cases even sexy, when a guy pays for the bill. However, when it comes to an independent woman, a lot of the time she is going to want to pay her own way, rather than having the guy paying for her all the time. If you are dating an independent woman and she wants to go halves on the bill, then let her. If you insist too much on paying, then this is also going to push her away.


Another thing that can be difficult when it comes to dating as an independent woman, is the speed at which the relationship moves. There are some men out there who want things to progress at a faster rate than is comfortable for an independent woman. Taking things slow is never a bad idea but an independent woman can sometimes find that guys want to move much quicker than she does, which will ultimately lead to the relationship breaking down.


At the end of the day, it does sometimes feel like having a long and loving relationship is harder for an independent woman, because a lot of the time men do not know how to accept them. However, just because a woman is independent or more successful than a man, it does not mean that she cannot also find true love. If you are finding it difficult to find your Mr. Right, then maybe consider a site such as or an app for your phone. True love is out there and you will find it if you look in the right places.

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