Does Sexual Intimacy Stop As You Age?

Does Sexual Intimacy Stop As You Age?

Sexual intimacy never stops. While everyone’s parents pretending to be virgins, it’s no wonder that this question has become somewhat of an urban myth


In a way we don’t really want to know the answer (especially about our parents) but what I am going to tell you will enlighten your thoughts about your personal sexual future.

We have all heard of “cougars”, “sugar daddies” or “cradle-snatchers”, and it seems that socially there is a massive stigma around sexuality and the elderly. I personally felt very uncomfortable watching a scene from Orange Is The New Black, in which two sixty-something women had a kissing threesome with each other and one of the prison guards. It was disturbing as it juxtaposed a common fantasy with a societal taboo.


Social Stigmas

Why is it that sex amongst the elderly is seen as so entirely unappealing?. Well, just like the rest of us, elderly people fall into one of two categories – attractive or not so attractive.

We have Hollywood to thank, yet again. But this time for glamorizing sexuality to the point where sex beyond a certain age is considered distasteful. By exclusively depicting sex between young and gorgeous models. Hollywood makes us believe that only the likes of Cher have a hope of getting laid.

However, I recently read the story of an average granny who courted several of her friend’s husbands.  Despite the fact that she dressed conservatively, she did not flirt and had never had plastic surgery. She mused over what it could be that had sparked the trend. Her experience poses the question as to whether the sexual appetite of men is actually heightened at a certain age. By all looks, it seems true that age does not affect sexual intimacy.

This could be due to a number of reasons such as they are not having their needs met at home. Whatever the reason, the fact exists that there is no set age at which sex or sexual desire simply fizzles out.


Frigid vs. Frisky Mindset

Like everything else, sexuality is an individual mindset that comes into being according to personal beliefs and experiences.

Take Hugh Hefner for example, owner of the Playboy mansion and founder of the Playboy brand. He was an advocate of sexual liberation. And he never let age stop him from enacting his sexual fantasies, well into his eighties.

Hugh’s sex-life required a little artificial enhancement, and he actually went deaf from the amount of Viagra he took. Although his antics did little to break the stigma of cross-generational sex. He did prove that there is nothing stopping you from sex at a ripe old age if that is what you would choose.

Sex is historically associated with the male gender. If Hugh Hefner had been a woman with multiple male sex bunnies he most likely would not have been as celebrated.

Women are under far greater pressure to maintain their attractiveness and as a result. Many elderly women are afraid to get into bed for purposes other than sleep.

They are then called frigid by their husbands, but perhaps the lesson here is to learn that sex is not about what we look like. Sexual intimacy is not how old we are, in fact, sexual intimacy is how we feel about ourselves.

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