Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence

Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence – You Need to Know This

Don’t worry when she blames you or yells at you.  Don’t worry when she sends long text messages why she’s angry or when she throws tantrums.  Whereas you Must worry when she is silent


Don’t fear her words, she utters them to express her unfulfilled expectations. Guys now is a very good time to learn something important about a woman and her silence. If you know this phenomenon, you can make your love and relationship strong. Don’t worry when she blames you or yells at you.

Don’t worry when she sends long text messages why she’s angry or when she throws tantrums. Don’t worry when she cries at night because of anger. All these things show how much she loves you and she wants your attention.  It’s a part of her display of love for you.

However, you must worry when she no longer fights with you. The extreme point of worry is when she stops reacting, talking and even answering.

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What does it mean?

She no more argues and tends to keep silent. Her silence means you are no longer worth the fight. You are not the person who is still occupying her thoughts. You are no longer worth her words. She doesn’t want to connect with you and share her feelings with you.

Women feel the words and they love the words. They believe in the power of words. They keep talking or writing words because they represent their honesty. They represent women’s deep love and they come from women’s hearts. A woman’s silence means she no longer cares and she is giving up on you. A woman is silent because you don’t deserve her words.

Women hate silence

They don’t like the emotions unexpressed, words unsaid, sorrows unshared and love unappreciated. This is the reason women yell at men when they’re angry, complain when they’re unsatisfied and cry when they’re sad. They want you to notice their feelings and address their issues. They want to share all the things with you because they love you. If things are not going well between two of you, she’ll never make false claims of happiness. She’ll tell you in a clear manner when something will hurt her or upset her. But her silence is always destructive.


Couples who don’t fight have no feelings for each other

Fights are a normal part of a relationship. When couples stop arguing, they have nothing left in between them. Now it’s the time of separation.


She is silent because you’re silent

She is silent because you didn’t notice her. You didn’t value her cries, tears and yelling. This is the time when you hurt her, and in return, she smiles. She doesn’t react when you annoy her. This is the moment when she has decided to walk out of your life. You’re going to lose the love of your life because she will never come back. She’ll disappear from your life forever.

Her silence means she is now tired of your false promises, lies, and indifference. She has got tired of begging your love, attention, care, and affection. She has given up and her silence is not temporary. She’s not behaving like when you first met her at Simply no feelings or emotions left in your relationship.


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