Why You Should Never Mistake Woman’ silence For Weakness


A woman is a beautifully complicated creature. Women are designed with a lot more complex than men could ever have. For years men have been trying to understand the inner workings of the hearts and minds of women. But they still know only a fraction of everything that goes into the making of the feminine vastness. Visit GoMarry.com to find the woman you’ve been waiting for.


One thing that is certain, is that women have a much greater emotional intelligence than men. It’s easy for most men to think logically when it comes to things like mechanics and mathematics. But women take a massive lead when it comes to empathy and compassion. Emotional resonance is a strong point for most women. Unfortunately, many men fail miserably when trying to keep up with this side of human nature. In fact, in a lot of cases, asking a guy to connect emotionally is basically like asking him to speak an entirely different language. This communication breakdown is often the cause behind so many relationship disputes.


Men are very fortunate that the majority of women have high tolerance levels. A good woman will give a man ample opportunity to develop emotional maturity. There are a few aspects that need to be pointed out in this department:

Just because she’s right, doesn’t mean she needs to verbalize it

Countless men make the mistake of pushing a woman too far in an argument under the assumption. That she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The chances are that she is simply deciding not to waste her energy on an argument that she already knows she has won. But a man’s ego will continue to pry until the woman is forced to put him in his place.

Women often say nothing just to hear the man’s opinion

A clever woman won’t dive in and get to the bottom of the situation right away. Many women like to sit back and let men ramble on, as they reveal previously unspoken perceptions that give a woman a deeper understanding of what her man truly feels. Most women swear they don’t do this, but most men will tell you that they’ve fallen for this trick numerous times.

Women hold back a lot of emotion

Some men may have a deeper emotional range than average, but overall, women definitely have a lot more emotion to deal with on a constant basis. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible for a man to fully grasp exactly how much emotion the average woman experiences at any given moment. You might think women exaggerate emotion, but actually, a lot of women hold back their emotions, fearing that if they show a little too much, it will all come flooding out.

If she’s quiet, you should be worried

A happy woman will express herself, letting you know that she’s content in the relationship. If a woman has gone uncharacteristically quiet, most likely something is wrong, and a perceptive man would do well to try and fix it. Thinking that a woman is weak because of these actions would be a grave misconception. It takes a lot of strength to remain silent in certain situations. Don’t confuse tact for weakness.




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