Double Standards

Double Standards: Do They Really Kill A Relationship?

According to research in social science, it has been proven that double standards are harmful to male-female relationships and that they aggressively divide the sexes within our society. An example of a double standard in a relationship is rules imposed on one gender. For example, women often expect that their boyfriend should always answer his phone. However, the opposite is not the case: they will see no issue in not answering their phone from time to time.


Feminist as Gender


This is a hot topic of the 21st century, especially among feminists. Basically, double standards are occurrences where certain expectations are placed on one gender, and not on the other. Also, it means that some behaviors are acceptable for men, for example, but unacceptable for women. There has been much debate over the double standards issue. Many sociologists, psychologists, and other experts continue to point out all the instances of double standards in our society. But, how do double standards affect our heterosexual relationships? Is it true that these double standards are detrimental to relationships and deepen the rift between men and women?



One of the biggest double standards when it comes to dating and relationships is that men are praised for promiscuousness, while women face the so-called slut shaming. When you’re in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex and you’re discussing the number of partners you have been with, different numbers are acceptable and normal, depending on whether you are a man or a woman.


Emotions & Communications

Furthermore, double standards have a great impact on expressing emotions and communication. For women, it’s completely acceptable to show their vulnerability and emotions. If men do this, they’re “wimps”. This is why men often have to act cold and distant in conversations concerning serious topics. Otherwise, they would not conform to social norms. Double standards issue is also present in all types of shaming, judging and criticizing. Think about something you really don’t like about your partner. If the reason for this is that it’s not acceptable for their gender, but it would be for your gender, it’s a matter of double standards.




To illustrate, imagine if you had a girlfriend who drinks from time to time. Maybe you don’t like this habit of hers and you often criticize it for doing it. On the other hand, when your guy friend tells you he got “wasted” the night before, you laugh and give him a high-five. Why is this cool in his case, but unacceptable in her case? Another example would be if you don’t like that your boyfriend gives you mushy pet names. You don’t want to be called honeybee, munchkin, mousey, boo-boo by a grown man, especially not in public. However, when it’s your turn, you have no problem with yelling out “Sweetypie!” across the entire house while he has his guy friends for video games.


A relationship between a man and a woman is complex, but it should be based on equality. If you want to meet someone with whom you won’t have to be the victim of double standards, visit

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