Promiscuity: Types of Women You Should Avoid


Who doesn’t love taking a round trip to the wild side of life? Staying up late, visiting your local club, going to music festivals or just hitting the town and painting it red. I bet you do or did at some stage in your life. You can find many different kinds of people in these kinds of places. But we want to focus on one specific kind, and that is the promiscuous woman. What exactly is promiscuity? Promiscuity is the practice of having sex frequently with different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners. These types of relationships are not in line with objective of marriage, and we try to create an environment that is free from promiscuity.  A common example of promiscuity viewed as promiscuous by many cultures is the famous “one-night stand”.  The woman that is flirty and offers intimacy when you just meet them are perfect examples of promiscuity.

There are mainly 6 types of promiscuous women.

  • The Feminist.

She’s having sex because she can. This girl isn’t trying to hide or tone down her sexuality to prevent offending anyone.

  • The Newbie.

She’s a little new on the promiscuity scene. She could have been in a long term relationship and only had one or two sexual experiences. And now she is trying out new ways of expressing her freedom.

  • The Bad girl

Her parents don’t like the guy she’s with. She’s doing badly in school. Her boyfriend dropped out of college. So she likes to pick things up a notch and test out her luck. This is the kind of girl who will have a variety of different boys on call.

  • The Hippie

This girl embraces other human beings and focuses on sexual and spiritual freedom and enlightenment. Though the sexual revolution happened in the 60s, she still pushes the movement and keeps it alive.

  • The Virgin

She acts so innocently and pure when she’s in front of family and friends. But behind those big blue eyes of hers are promiscuous intentions. She pretends to be innocent but in fact, she plays around with the devil.

  • The Natural

This girl basically just loves getting down and dirty. She just finds pleasure in having sex with multiple men. There’s nothing wrong with her, that’s just her. A woman should keep her sexual liberty for her husband and that is why we encourage Marriage only relationships.


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