Easy Ways To Ask A Girl Out

It’s perfectly normal to be freaked out when you have to summon up your guts and approach the girl you like or even love. Often you don’t have the courage to talk to her and you don’t know how to start a conversation or when to step up.

Why is such behavior normal? It’s because we are afraid of being rejected and not being calm and composed when the time comes.

So, before asking her out, ask HER BEST FRIEND OUT. Informally, just to gather as much information about your date as possible. I’m serious. She doesn’t have to know and maybe you will be lucky enough to have a really nice and honest talk with her friend. Maybe he/she will tell you that your date is not interested in you at all which really makes things easier.

Also, try to think from a third person’s point of view and ask yourself these questions:

What do you really want from her i.e. from this date? What are your expectations?

Do you really like her or you just want to sleep with her?

Do you have her phone number? I know this one may sound funny but sometimes we are so engrossed in daydreaming that we forget the crucial things. If you don’t have, ask your friends to help you or ask her directly.

Do you know what fascinates her?

Are you aware of her interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes?

You have to know her better before asking her out because you will have to talk about something on your first date. And it will also influence your behavior and your success in the end.

Sure, it can leave you embarrassed or rejected but if you really want to master the art of asking a girl out it’s worth looking like a fool a few times.


Get over the last failure and the last time you were asking a girl out. Focus on this one.


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