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Family Life: What To Look For In A Wife


When I think of choosing my life partner I always think in terms of family life i.e. who will be as good for me as for the family life. I believe most men think this way. So, the crucial qualities a wife should possess are warmth, integrity, loving and caring nature, honesty, confidentiality, and charm. The list is inexhaustible so it would be best to reduce it to the most important moments and qualities:


Family Oriented and Committed Wife

It’s important that a woman equally respects and values both families –her and that of her husband. Everything that happens in the family may stay in the family life but it will influence the future destiny of your marriage life in one way or the other. So it’s best if she knows how to balance awkward situations without getting grumpy or irritable. She should be a good mother devoted to her children more than to her career at least during the first three years of upbringing since they are crucial for child mental, physical and psychical development.

It would be best if her family value system is the same as yours since many times our value principles stem from our upbringing and that’s why it’s so important to marry a woman of a similar upbringing. Differences are ok, but not the ones that may destroy your marriage despite the love you feel for each other.


Carrying And Kindhearted Wife

I’m not sure if these words need an explanation. I assume like just caring and kindhearted in itself get the point across. A woman who is considerate, attentive, loving. Who does little things for you or makes surprises for no other reason but because she loves you. When her eyes meet yours she gives you no choice but to smile back. A woman whose heart is full of warmth and warm your heart as well. So this is the kind of woman every man would like to marry and be part of their lives.


Physical Attractiveness

Sorry, but I have to mention it. In today’s world, there are so many hypocrites who claim that inner beauty must prevail i.e. be more important than physical attraction on the very first date. Yeah, right. If this is so there would be no couples on this planet. I myself was tricked so many times into being with men who were intellectually compatible, nice, sweet, but there was no physical attraction. No matter how hard I try I couldn’t prioritize things the way I was expected.

He acted like a gentleman but he wasn’t super cute. Not even cute. And what I was supposed to do. To be in a relationship as if I was dating my priest?! So we broke up eventually. From that moment on, I never launched a relationship with a guy if there was no physical attraction period.



It’s been proved that the best and longest marriages are those in which respect dominates as the most important trait in this teamwork. Do not belittle, humiliate or lessen the dignity of your husband, whether in private or public. A little taunting is alright, but being rude to him is not okay. So watch what you think before you speak.

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