Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Become the Pinnacle Of Restraints


There are some people who just always keep their emotions cool and calm. Where other people get red in the face and blurt out words that they’ll regret later on. These people deal with awkward situations gracefully. They’re exhibiting emotional intelligence.


What is Emotional Intelligence


The concept of emotional intelligence by Dan Goleman in his book ‘Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter More than IQ’. Have you witnessed an adult in the workplace losing control? If you have, you’ll know it’s not a pretty sight. You’ll know precisely what Dan Goleman is on about.  EQ or emotional intelligence is a measure of a person’s level of emotional intelligence. It’s a person’s attitude – the way they control and express their emotions. Attitude is an important quality in the workplace and a person with a problem-solving attitude. Instead of an offensive, pity-me attitude has more chance of growth and success. This is because they are looked upon as being ’balanced’, instead of being emotionally immature and a loose cannon.


How these people communicate with others, how they react to people when they make derogatory remarks to them. They can make or break their success at work and in life generally.


Keeping your Emotions in Check


If you’ve been to college or university and have a host of degrees and certificates to show for it. And if you lack EQ, these learned skills won’t help you to succeed in the workplace. In fact, you can’t hope to succeed in your relationships, both inside and outside the office place. If you can’t keep your emotions in check. If you wanted to find a partner with marriage in mind. And not having emotional intelligence could seriously jeopardize your chances of maintaining a relationship. With GoMarry.com you stand the best chances of finding people who are balanced, mature and want deep, meaningful relationships.

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Derogatory Remarks ‘Water off a Duck’s back


Elected supervisors based on their experience can quickly lose that position if they sulk. They give their team the silent treatment because of being offended at what someone said. In a leadership role or in a relationship, you need to adopt a ‘water off a duck’s back’ attitude. If you are offended and would like to strike out both verbally and physically at someone. You have to practice restraint. Doing so could lose your job, your status, and everyone’s respect. You have to be emotionally intelligent and emotionally mature.


You CAN Develop Emotional Intelligence


With training and practice, a person can actually develop emotional intelligence so badly. That it needed to make smart choices and make a success of life. When you learn to be emotionally intelligent. You’re actually able to anticipate a negative situation and know precisely how to take pro-active measures. It’s important to learn how to manage your emotions. And if you don’t, you’ll be constantly battling with feelings of depression, gloom, and distress. An emotionally intelligent person is such a joy to have in your life as they see the best in others. Expect only the noblest from them – and this is a sure road to successful human relationships.

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