Overly Demanding Relationship

How to Know that you’re in an Overly Demanding Relationship

It can be perfectly fine to spend some quality time with your partner. Relationships are all about spending time and learning about the likes and interests of your partner. However, it is not acceptable to consume your partner’s personal space in the relationship. A healthy relationship is not about being above or below your partner; however, it is about being beside your partner in all the difficult and happy circumstances of life. People often develop higher expectations from the relationship and do not realize that they in an overly demanding relationship. The reason is developing certain expectations from their partner in the relationship. These people consider it as part of their love and intimacy to loss their individuality during the relationship. It is significant to maintain your individuality during a relationship, and it should never be compromised for the gain of anything else in the relationship.

We have compiled a few signs of an overly demanding relationship below:

  1. The Loss of Independence

It might seem perfectly fine to lose your distinctiveness at the beginning of your relationship. You might not realize the severity of losing your autonomy. Couples often isolate themselves from the people around them and spend time with each other.  However, once the initial stage is over, they start feeling suffocated because they have lost their individuality. This makes it even harder for them to communicate and interact with people around them.

It is extremely important to contain your individuality in the relationship, which allows you to spend time and engage in activities with your specific social circle. The loss of individuality often leads to conflicted situations in the later stages of the relationship. You can always consult GoMarry.com for their assistance.


  1. Having Asymmetrical Relationship

Having an asymmetrical relationship could be another sign of an overly demanding relationship. An asymmetrical relationship is recognized as controlling the personal development and progress in the relationship when one partner is considered higher than the other partner is. When a partner seeks validation and approval in everything from their partner, then it could be an example of a demanding relationship, which often ends up in abuse and manipulations. People often show confused behavior with feelings of jealousy and control in the relationship.


  1. Trying Unsuccessful Ways to Recover Autonomy

People often try to regain their independence in the relationship. However, they failed in efforts because their partner does not want them to regain their independence. Finding new friends and social groups could be a possibility to deal with situations.


  1. Dead Feelings

Your feeling for your partner will die with the passage of time if he or she is overly controlling your life. You will not be concerned about his or her worries. You will also not be interested if he or she gets attracted to some other person. The feeling of jealousy is only in those relations where there are love and trust. A dead relation will be away from the feeling of pleasure and possessiveness.

People do not leave their overly demanding relationship because they are afraid of staying alone. These fears could be from the same or past relationship. However, you can end the relationship because it is not taking you anywhere. You can start with a healthy relationship. You can sign up with GoMarry.com and get assistance from their perfect matchmaking services.

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