Emotional Trigger for Attraction

There are many different ways in which a person can become attracted to someone, and for many people, the first initial physical attraction is what they look for the most from a potential partner, and most of us are looking for something on a much more emotional level. Emotional attraction is something that needs to grow and develop over time, with you developing these emotional feelings towards someone so much, as you get to know them better on a deeper level. With that said though, if you already know that the person you are with is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life, then there are actually some ways in which you can trigger that emotional attraction in your partner.


This might not sound like it is any sort of secret, as many of us know that we should do this anyway, but a lot of us are not actually aware of how much of an emotional trigger for attraction it really is, and that is compliments. When you pay someone a compliment, no matter how big or how small, it is going to make them feel great about themselves and, by knowing that it was you who made them feel so great, it is going to trigger that emotional attraction in them. This will then lead to them paying you compliments too and you will soon find that your relationship is going from strength to strength.


Making eye contact with a person is another way that you can trigger that emotional attraction in them. Hold their gaze as they are talking to you and keep that eye contact when you are talking to them, as this can really make them feel like you are very interested in everything they have to say. With that said, don’t full on staring at them, as this can come across as being a bit creepy and off-putting, but with the right amount of eye contact, you are going to make them feel so at ease in your presence and that emotional trigger for attraction is going to go off.


Then there is your body language, which can be very important in showing someone that you like them and getting them to like you back. A slight touch of the hand or the shoulder can trigger that emotional attraction in them. Be careful not to touch them for too long or too full on, as again, this could possibly creep them out a little. Just be open and engaging and welcoming. Show them that you are approachable and loveable and they will soon find themselves falling for you on that emotional level. So forget about that initial physical attraction that so many people go for, and instead go in search of that emotional attraction and learn to love someone on a much deeper level, it will make for a much longer and happier relationship.

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