Emotionally Manipulative

Emotionally Manipulative: Tell-Tale Signs That Your Boyfriend is the One


Being in love can cloud one’s judgment. This usually causes us to be in situations that we usually wouldn’t tolerate. But because we see past our partner’s flaws, we accept anything and everything they do to us. This is not you being dumb, this is just your love unconditionally. This is why I’m writing this article today, to remind you that you shouldn’t let go of your standard. You shouldn’t lower expectations just because you love someone. You should stay aware of everything that your partner is doing to you, to make sure that you are in a loving and ever-growing relationship. Here is a list of tell-tale signs that your boyfriend is emotionally manipulative.


  1. He gets in your head

Boyfriends who are emotionally manipulative can get into your head. He will twist and turn your words so that you end up feeling completely crazy. He will even tell you that you are going crazy. You are sure that he did or said something but he will use his words to convince you otherwise.

  1. You do things you don’t want to

You find yourself agreeing to do things you don’t want to. Master manipulators want you to do everything they want. He will go on and on, explaining everything to you so that the bad idea starts sounding like a good idea. You don’t realize it, but when you wake up the next day you’ve been manipulated and you did things you didn’t want to. Whether it was lending him money or going out to a restaurant you don’t like.

  1. He is a bully

Your boyfriend will bully you to get his way. Bullying is a bad form of emotional torment. If you don’t want to do something – he wants you to, for example: do his laundry. He is a big man, he can do it himself, right? Wrong! When you say ‘No’ he will give you a look that shows you that there will be bad consequences. He may torment you later by verbally abusing you or being punished in some sort of way. So, you end up doing things for him to avoid being punished.

  1. He is controlling

He constantly wants to be in control and if he can’t control your every move, he takes big measures to keep his handle on everything you do. Getting extremely angry when you do something out of bounds or threatening to leave you when you do something, he doesn’t like

  1. Pushes your buttons

Someone who is emotionally manipulative knows which buttons to push to trigger you. He knows all your weak spots. For example: if you really love your family, he will say something insulting towards them just to see your reaction. Or if something embarrassing happened to you when you were younger, he will recall it in front of people to embarrass you.

GoMarry.com encourages relationships that are supportive of one another. Relationships that last long and that doesn’t manipulate and scheme.  You should be free to be yourself and someone who wants to control you should have the guts to admit what they are doing and they should work towards being a better partner.

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