How to Deal with Emotionally Stunted Men

Oh, boy – a lot to unpack here. An emotionally stunted man cannot and will not have a successful relationship – there I said it. He is too wrapped up in his own issues and emotional hurdles to give himself fully and truly to someone else.


Some of these obstacles stem from willful ignorance, selfishness, or a combination of problems. You might be acquainted with the term ‘man-child’.  This term most likely stems from the women in the emotionally stunted men’s lives, who are trying to have an adult relationship; are often put in a position of treating their partner like one big giant toddler. Sexy, huh?


Not only is this exhausting, but very unhealthy with lasting damages to both parties. There are a lot of great men out there, don’t get me wrong!  Please don’t get discouraged. Here are just a few types of emotionally stunted men that you may recognize and want to avoid!


The Mama’s Boy – your man having a relationship with his mother should be a good thing, right? Sure, as long as he doesn’t compare or expect you to be his mother. If he is looking for someone to take over the place of his mother, then he clearly has issues that need to be addressed before he has someone enter his life. Whether his relationship is good or bad with her, he will make unfair comparisons and expect things you are not ready or willing to give.


The Narcissist – this is probably the biggest one I say to stay away from because they are deceitful and hard to change. You may initially be attracted to him because he exudes confidence, but it won’t take long before that thin veil is revealed. Gaslighting is his favorite tool, and he uses it so often that you start to question your own sanity. His arrogance and inability to be happy for other people’s success will wear you down. He barely has respect for himself – he won’t have it for you.


The Commitment-Phobe – if a man tells you he’s not the relationship type, please believe him! He may put on an air of bachelor living large, but his fear of giving himself to someone is something that is just not worth pursuing. It will be hard for him to change, and even harder for you to keep your sanity. Taking on someone else’s baggage is not cute or fun, it’s draining and toxic.


The Work-a-holic – please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if he just met the right woman, he would magically change and everything would work out. Many people in this world find a balance between work and home life, and while it’s not easy, they do it. The career-obsessed man does what it takes to rise to the top, and only when he gets to where he deems acceptable will he let someone else into his life. Bottom-line: this type of stunted man can’t multitask, and he can’t handle a woman who is more successful than him. So, if you’re fine always being third, behind him and career, of course, then by all means! Have a go at him!

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