Rock Solid Relationship

What are the Signs of Rock Solid Relationship


Creating a rock solid relationship takes work from both in a couple. In order to have that lasting relationship both of you need to be on board, ready to pull up your sleeves, and get down and dirty.  Ever heard that saying nothing worthwhile in life comes easy? Well, it’s very much applicable to relationships! Here are ten sure signs that a relationship is immovable and has what it takes to go the distance.

  1. Strong Communication

Whenever anyone asks me what I think the most important quality in a successful relationship is, I always say communication. Without communication, relationships are destined to fail. Learning how to actively listen is a skill that will make your partner feel understood, respected, and heard.


  1. Conflict Resolution Skills

Fights and conflict are a natural part of a relationship, but it’s how you deal with and resolve them that really matter. And when we bring it back to communication, if that is solid, conflict resolution is the perfect opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your partner. And compromise is always a key component here.


  1. Practice Forgiveness

I keep this one separate from conflict resolution because it’s a skill unto itself. Forgiving, even for the smallest infraction, can keep things into perspective. You’re both working for the same team, forgiving is an essential part of team building.


  1. Keep Your Identity

Strong couples have a robust sense of identity within their pair, as well as individually. They don’t get lost in their relationship, they know who they, and feel confident.


  1. Self- Care

You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you aren’t healthy yourself, period. When you start to expand your family, it’s crucial that you are strong mentally and physically for your partner, kids and yourself. Stress is inevitable and can either make or break a couple, but being ready for that stress can make all the difference in the world.


  1. Make Time For Intimacy

Intimacy can come easy at the beginning of relationships, but it takes work as the years go on. Rock solid couples are affectionate and know that sex is a vital part of a successful couple.


  1. Flexibility

Being flexible in a couple is all about being open and striking a balance. Happy couples let go of rigid beliefs and attachments to make room for compromise.


  1. Grow Together

Rock solid couples know that nothing ever stays the same. People mature, change and evolve over time. Couples that allow space and time for this feel validated and happy.


  1. Unwavering Trust

Couples that don’t need to constantly check up on one another is a sure sign that their relationship is powerful. Where trust flourishes, so do love.


  1. Unconditional Love

Love should never come with stipulations. When problems arise, they face them head on together. Failures and disappointments happen, but a strong couple doesn’t crumble under pressure. They are able to look at this as a learning opportunity and a growing opportunity. Showing partners unconditional love is a gift that can bring a lifetime of happiness.

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