Exclusive Relationships

There is a romantic comedy called Be My Valentine where a young widowed father tries to show his son the ropes to dating, but soon finds out that he himself has many things to learn about love and relationships.  We learn through this story that the decision to become exclusive can sometimes be spurred on by the realization that you do not want to lose the person that you are dating.  That you cannot live without that person in your life, and age nor experience is a defining factor in finding that true love.  But finding the right partner in itself can be quite daunting, this is where the website GoMarry.com can provide a wealth of information and guidance.


When a couple meets for the first time there are varying scenarios that become evident quite quickly.  Have they just met the man or woman of their dreams?  Is it love at first sight, which is very possible of course?  Where some couples attest to falling in love, at first sight, others may proclaim that they did not even like each other at that initial encounter. One of the primary reasons that couples choose to become exclusive is when they realize that they have met the person that totally completes them.

Somebody once related the story about an elderly married couple that sat on a park bench every day, watching the ducks paddle in the murky pond of that public park.  They would sit for hours on that park bench and not speak a single word to each other.  Yet when they walked away from that hushed place they felt like they had had the best conversation in the world.  You see, it was not about satisfying each other through many words but rather about the connection that they had formed with each other on all emotional and spiritual levels.


Some couples acknowledge from day one of meeting someone that they have found the person that they will marry someday.  Others may make an emotional connection at the onset but only after spending time together will they begin to realize that this mate could become their life partner.

Although some have attempted to set about a gauge or timing for declaring exclusivity, it is not really something that can be measured.  Love can be quite complicated and at times does not make much sense.  But there is a certain chemistry and/or universal pilot that channels us onto the right path where couples can confidently declare exclusivity.



One of the primary ways to press forward after having declared exclusivity to one another is meeting each other’s families.  This is a sure-fire way to forge stronger relationships through family connections.  Gauging a deeper understanding of a person’s personality and character traits can be determined by their upbringing.  Every individual is a reflection of the environment that they were nurtured and raised in.

So, before making that important decision to become exclusive it is imperative to understand their family dynamics.

Partners that make a decision to be exclusive would generally make an announcement to the world of their decision by either becoming engaged or possibly proposing marriage.  Basically, they have mutually declared their intention to be solely dedicated and committed to one another and not consider dating other people.  The website GoMarry.com provides matrimonial assistance to couples that are considering entering into long-lasting family-orientated relationships.

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