Sexually Aggressive Women

The saying goes, “all is fair in love and war.” However, is this really true? The sexual revolution of the 1960’s definitely brought about changes in sexual behavior among men and women. Many women admitted to actually enjoying sex and took a more active role with their partners. Sexual mores have changed but our society ready for a complete role reversal when it comes to sexual behavior? Men are not as open to sexually aggressive women as many might think.


In this modern era, it seems odd that men would react in an old fashioned manner. Women taking control would reduce the pressure on men and their risk of rejection. However, men tend to take a different view of sexual aggression in women. Men often associate sexual aggression with infidelity. All may seem too good to be true when that beautiful woman shows a keen interest and is willing to take control of the wheel so to speak in the bedroom. This is like heaven on Earth for some men but the fear that the fantasy will be short lived. Deep down they are fearing that the lovely lady will soon grow bored with them and move on to another. They may also move on before finishing the thing with their current partner. Men have feelings to although society does not always permit them to show it. When it comes to being cheated on and dumped, they hurt. This isn’t exclusive to women.


Another possibility is the fear of role reversals. Men are not as comfortable with the idea of a liberated woman as they let on. Sexual aggression conjures up images of assertiveness and being dominant. These are typically classes as very unfeminine traits and can be a bit of a turn off with many men. Men definitely do not want to be in control all of the time and be completely dominate in their sexual relationships. Give and take is best and makes both the male and female partners more comfortable and puts them at ease.


This uneasiness doesn’t just exist in the bedroom. Over the decade’s men have had to cope with sharing the workplace with women and women taking on roles of higher importance and higher pay. Women are becoming more aggressive in all areas of life not just in their relationships. Women often speak up and fight back when they feel they have been wronged when 3 or 4 decades ago they were simply expected to stay quiet and take it. In an increasingly stressful world and these trends paint a rather negative view of the dating world if men really are struggling to cope with the sexual aggression of women. That said, men have managed to cope with societies changes. They have learned to share the board room with assertive women, there is no reason to think that in time they will learn to take a less dominant role in the bedroom as well.



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