Exclusively Dating: How to Know if You’re In One

For me, the terms dating and relationships are synonymous, while for others, “dating” is not that momentous, while “being in a relationship” shows devotion and exclusivity. There are certain differences, but nothing as big that can’t turn dating into a relationship.

Commitment & Trust

If there is no commitment you’ll know that the two of you are just dating and vice versa. Relationship means that you want to confide in your partner about your daily worries. If you are dating you are not ready to do it or you don’t want to do it all.

Missing & Thinking about him

If just dating you don’t miss your partner that often. If you have a relationship status you miss them all the time. If you think about him most of the time then you are deep. If not, you are definitely just dating, because you simply don’t miss your partner so much. This may be a shallow vision of the difference between two, but most of the data collected on this theme say so. Relationship-When not together you think about when you can see each other. Text each other. Call each other. Dating excludes this one too.

The way you Feel & Communicate.

If dating you are trying to impress your partner with your traits that he is familiar with. In a relationship, you want to be impressed by your partner unknown traits. If in a relationship you are ready to discuss some serious topics like marriage, kids, settling down and family. Dating topics are more casual with no intention of becoming serious. It’s all about general topics because if you go deeper you will probably disappoint and walk away.

Intimacy & Spending time together

Dating rarely includes sex. On the other hand, relationship means maturity when it comes to intimacy. If you are not ready for this stage you are probably not ready for a relationship. In modern times however the sex is possible on a first date. Dating means hanging out and having a good time together, nothing so serious. Relationship connotes facing the worst situations in life together. It can be tough but it’s a parameter of your readiness to commit and stay together when nothing works.

Friends & Expectations 

You know each other’s friends and even family while in a relationship. While dating you can be just another guy or girl in her/his life.  They increase in a relationship, while in dating they don’t even exist because there is no commitment at all. If they do exist they are not so great but rather concerned with dating in general.

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