Increase His Commitment

Increase His Commitment: How to Stay One Step Ahead


You may have landed the man of your dreams or you may be wondering why you can’t get your partner to commit. How do you get him to take your relationship to the next level and increase his commitment?


Why Won’t He Commit

You keep moving from one boyfriend to the next. Or the man you want to commit to you just won’t. You can’t understand what it is you are doing to push them away. Identifying the behavior you are portraying will help you in getting him to commit. Are you possessive and jealous? A woman who is not secure in herself will pressure her partner into a commitment to make herself feel secure. Slowing it down and controlling jealous outbursts will make sure the relationship doesn’t end before it started.


You met a guy last week and you are already planning your wedding. If you enter into a relationship planning the happily ever after, you will miss all the reasons to be happy leading up to the commitment. Most men are phobic of commitment, speaking of marriage or commitment before he does is the quickest way to get him to run for the hills. Giving him sex too early in the relationship sets the tone for the type of partner you will be. Every man wants a classy, high-value woman. Being easy to get and giving him sex with no effort from his side signals to him that you are not high value and he will use you for sex until someone he can chase comes along.


How to Stay One Step Ahead

You have read this far and are wondering how to stay one step ahead of your partner. Luckily it is not difficult. Be playful with him. Flirting and playing around with him will ensure that he stays interested. He will see the fun side of you and want to commit because you are fun. Men like a little flirting and playing hard to get, so don’t be shy to get playful.


Listen to him. We don’t mean superficial one-eared listening. Sit down with him and communicate. Take interest in his day and participate. Help ease his frustrations and let him know that you might not understand, but you will hear him out. Men need to be understood as much as women. Don’t remind him of his mistakes or failures. No one wants to be constantly reminded of their mistakes. Communicate his mistake to him and move on. Do not bring it up again because constantly reminding him of the mistake will drive him to a clean slate with a new woman. The silent treatment doesn’t work! Most men are not perceptive creatures. You will need to clearly communicate when there is an issue. No man likes a drama queen so keep your emotions in check and make sure that you do not bring the issue up again once it’s resolved.



When He Commits

We understand that you are excited about your finally committing but do not go overboard. Men like to be in control and they will set the pace in your relationship. Express your happiness and show him you are grateful for his commitment. Let your partner take the lead in laying the path in your relationship and before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle and in a committed relationship thanks to and your new found skills.

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