Expectations: How To Become Her Weakness


All relationships are different from each other. Therefore, the expectations and desires of women can vary among different couples. While one woman is looking for emotional support; the other might be looking for financial support from her partner. Women’s perspectives and expectations from a relationship can be different; however, it will be important to analyze their expectations for becoming their weaknesses. Some of the expectations of girls along becoming their weakness have been described below:



A girl dreams about getting the appreciation of her man. She wants to feel encouraged for her efforts in the relationship. A girl looks for the appreciation of small things from her partner. However, complimenting her and appreciating her for all the work will enable you to become her weakness. Your appreciation and compliments will represent that you care for her, and she will fall for you.

Moreover, she tries a lot to get your attention and gets frustrated if you do not pay heed to her efforts. If a man continues to ignore the feelings of a female, she does not wait for long especially if she takes your happiness so seriously. So, men should not take them for-granted to be an ideal partner.



Girls crave to have a deeper connection with their men. It is often considered that women are looking for financial and physical security from men. However, girls desire to have emotional security from their partners.

Further, you can make your girl safe and secure with your presence in her life. Holding her closer and standing together in front of people will represent your acceptance for her personality. When a girl feels acknowledged and accepted by her partner, then she stays by your side for a life long duration.

She will ever forget some mistakes which you will commit in terms of your relationship. Her emotional flow makes her grab the positive things quite quickly.



Next, girls want to spend time with their partners. She desires to communicate her feelings and emotions with you. However, if you have been busy working all the time, then she feels rejected and as an option in your life. It is important to have some quality time conversing about the likes and dislikes of each other.

When you give an undivided attention and quality time to your partner, she will appreciate your efforts in the relationship and would not mind going the extra mile for you. If you have been difficulty in managing time, then you can get reliable and effective assistance from GoMarry.com.

Remember, no girl wants to feel that she does not deserve her man’s time; therefore, it is extremely important to make a continuous effort in spending quality time with your partner to become her weakness.

A girl dreams of hearing that you are proud to be with her. If you take care of her desires, then you will become her weakness. However, you can always get relationship advice from GoMarry.com.

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