Greatest Weakness

How To Deal With Greatest Weaknesses in a Relationship


At many job interviews one of the questions a potential employer always asks if what you perceive to be your greatest weakness. Almost always, prospective employees say something like “I work too much” or “ I can’t pull myself away from work” thinking this is what an employer wants to hear. Well, dating is often compared to interviewing for a job, and the weaknesses that someone has are not something that is apparent until you start dating or working together. And whether you realize your weaknesses, they will eventually be made aware of your partner. And remember that the greatest weakness is not a sign of failure or that your relationship needs to end. It’s an opportunity for growth and positive change. Everybody has something that they want to work on, here a few of the most common weaknesses seen in the dating world.


Lack Of Self-Esteem


Lack of self-esteem has the ability to kill a relationship before it even has the chance to get going. If one person in the relationship suffers from this, it will most certainly affect both of you. And self-esteem can be wrapped up in a variety of issues. It’s not your job to fix your partner if they suffer from low self-esteem, but you can be patient with them. Kindness and understanding go a long way. They need to work on themselves alone, but letting them know that you are there for them will be reassuring.


Cannot Forgive


I’ve learned over the years that practicing forgiveness is like a muscle and it needs to be exercised to perform in a healthy way. It’s one of those things that is easier said than done too. When one person holds onto every little fight and disagreement and drags it on way longer than it has to. It can lead to a very unhealthy dynamic. It’s important that forgiveness is practiced because not every fight needs the same treatment. You should not give the same amount of energy to a fight about leaving clothes on the floor to a heated argument about finances. Ever heard the term ‘pick your battles’? It definitely applies here.


Not Giving Enough Of Yourself


When we close off a part of us, we are essentially locking our partner out. It can be a very frustrating endeavor for your partner to be constantly trying to break down your walls. You may not even realize that you are doing it too. It could be an unconscious effect from past trauma, and it’s just too painful to open that part again. However, it isn’t fair to your partner who is giving themselves to you wholly. They deserve to be in a relationship with someone that reciprocates.


Can’t Be Alone


Staying in a relationship that is just ‘meh’ because you can’t be alone is doing you a disservice. You deserve to be in a healthy, robust, full of love relationship despite your anxieties of being alone. If you realize this about yourself, it’s a great opportunity to explore why you feel this way and get to the root cause of these feelings.


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