Extraordinary vs. Ordinary Love: Which 1 Lasts Forever



First, we have to make a difference between these two loves.

According to numerous definitions from self-help guru ones, to scientific and spiritual, “ordinary love” is a typical, easy, boring, everyday kind of a relationship. A kind of ego love. On the other hand, “extraordinary love” entails uncertainty, passion, madness, surprises. A kind of love that leaves your head spinning and love that is love in itself. Some of the extraordinary love followers advocate that since this kind of love is extraordinary it must last forever. The rare boosters of ordinary love think that it can last forever in the same way the feeling of boredom can last endlessly.

Everything is Relative

Well in my humble opinion both kinds of love can last forever since there are so many different people with different religious, cultural, psychological views on this planet. What is ordinary love for Mandarin can be at the same time extraordinary love for Shamans? What means forever in Indian culture doesn’t have to bear the same meaning in Irish culture? So, as Einstein used to claim: Everything is relative.

But if you ask me I would like an extraordinary love that will last forever because I do think it’s possible. I’m not going to lie — the initial in seventh heaven stage of a relationship is amazing, but I want it to the last millennial. I sound a little naive but I don’t think I actually am. I’m 100% sure that this kind of on cloud nine, passionate, stunning, once in a hundred years love exists, and I am not prepared to settle for anything mediocre.

  1. This Time Everything is Going to be Different

We are all different and it has a huge impact on our expectations and all the forms love can take. I want my love to be eternal and to let the love I’m seeking fall short of the love I’ve read in Victorian period novels or watch on the Big Screen.

  1. The Two of Us Deserves Only the Best In Love

I don’t expect that this extraordinary-ordinary love is as sweet as honey overwhelmed with lovemaking and fairy tale life. No. I expect ups and downs but with a partner who will know to recognize the seriousness of the situation and to react. To be a man, not a macho jerk. And I would like two of us to overcome everything that has to be overcome together.

  1. I expect to Get What I Give

I don’t want to be emotionally drained just because I invested all my time, energy & good spirits in our relationship without anything in return. No more. If he’s not worth my time I’ll recognize it. If he is, I will fight for him even when I have no strength for fighting.

  1. It’s easier to indulge in extraordinary love if I learn to include myself first

I know that extraordinary romantic love will be mission impossible if I don’t recognize how to truly love myself first. Unless I’m sure of all the beautiful things that belong to me, I won’t be able to see the Mr. right even if he is standing in front of my nose. Self-love is important for finding the kind of love that lasts forever, but first, we have to find that love and then love ourselves even more!

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