Falling In Love

Falling In Love: How to Truly Know That You’re In Love


The feeling of knowingly being in love might be different for everyone. When there are people who have been falling in love quite a few times and can understand that feeling. However, there are also some who are not sure about their feelings of love. It is quite normal to get confused about your feelings, whether it is love or just another strong crush. As your body language explains, your feelings better than your mind.

Here are some of the ways to truly know the feeling of love more clearly:


You Keep Staring At Them

Eye contact means that you are fanatical about that thing or person. If your significant other has ever noticed you staring at them, then it could represent that you are completely in love. It has also been found through different studies that locking eyes with your partner might increase the romantic feelings in your relationship.

You are not the person who will be doing it deliberately. It is a natural phenomenon; you will keep on thinking about that person, and it will give strong signals to your brain that you need to look at him or her times and again.


Experiencing High Feelings

When you are falling in love with a person, then it could be normal for you to feel like you are out of your mind or different from your usual normal self. According to the Kinsey Institute, “the brain of a person who has taken a drug like cocaine is just like the brain of an individual who is falling in love”.

Dopamine, which is released in both of the moments, is the cause of that feeling. It also explains the nonsensical act of people who are in a new relationship.

You Want Happiness for Them

Love means to have an equal partnership, but if you find someone’s happiness becomes more important to you, that means you are falling in love with that person. You are always ready to go out of your way to make your partner happy when you truly love them.

Your selfless feelings for that special person truly represent your love for them. However, you can also consult GoMarry.com for their dating and relationship advice.


You Aren’t Afraid to Try New Things

At the beginning of a relationship, everyone wants to amaze their significant other or their date by trying different things, but if you find yourself trying various things that make your partner happy even after a long time then, it might mean that you are in love.

You will feel a clear shift in your thoughts and ideas. You will be ready to make things better for you so that you can fall true according to the expectation of the person whom you love.

Falling in love could be out of our control; however, it is significantly our responsibility to maintain a healthy love relationship with care, dedication, and selflessness. You can also sign up at GoMarry.com to discover their expert relationship advice.

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