Feelings: How are they Different from Emotions

Navigating the world can sometimes be threatening. Knowing the difference between feelings and emotions can be extremely valuable in creating meaningful relationships and surviving out there. GoMarry.com examines the difference between emotions and feelings. , and if you can ever control either.

It’s Biology

Emotions are purely biological and stem from a time when human beings relied on their instincts to survive in the food chain. Let’s get a little scientific. Emotions originate from the limbic expanse of the brain, also known as the emotional processing center. The limbic region is situated directly behind the neocortex that is responsible for conscious thoughts, reasoning, and decision making. What this means is that your emotions are irrational and illogical because they have separated from the neocortex.

Because emotions are irrational, and outside of the limbic region, they simply cannot be controlled. Although much study has been done, scientists can still not say for certain what the basic human emotions are but many have stated that the four basic emotions are fear, love, grief, and rage. If you equate this to other mammals, it would make sense. Controlling your emotions is biologically and physically impossible, controlling your feelings is.

I’ve Got a Feeling

While emotions are instinctive and irrational, feelings are controllable. Feelings are the mental associations we have of an emotion. There are over four thousand feelings listed in the English language alone. Confused? Let’s break it down. Your emotion is love. That is instinctive. You have no control over falling in love with a person or loving your parents or child. The feeling of love could be vast many different things. Love could make you feel happy, sad, proud, desired, or angry.

For example, you may love your partner but you can still be angry with them. Your anger does not take away the irrational love. Feelings are conscious thoughts and can be changed. Human beings can change their thought patterns from happy to sad and back. With mind conscious work, almost any feeling can be altered to something different.

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How To Be Mindfully Aware of Your Feelings

Being mindfully aware of your feeling is the only way of controlling your feelings. When a person becomes caught up in a negative thought pattern they tend to blame their emotions. The truth is, your initial reaction was the emotion. All of your subsequent thoughts after that are your feelings. By changing your thoughts you can change your feeling and ultimately live a happier life.

Thinking positively, consciously being grateful or happy can very easily change your mindset from negative to positive. The same is true for your relationships. Your emotion is love, but constant negative thoughts about your partner create feelings that may confuse you out of love. 

In a world where survival instincts are no longer needed, emotions can be frustrating but always remember that the way you react will help your control your feelings and put you on the path to happiness and positivity.

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