Feminism: What is It and Why it’s Sexy

What is Feminism

Being a female has a lot of advantages. Women are naturally sexier than men. It’s a fact. Although all women are beautiful in their own way – certain females are sexier than other females. These women display strong feminist beliefs. Feminism is a movement that was started by females to fight for equal rights between sexes. A lady who fights for feminism is known as a feminist. There is a hug difference between feminists and misandry. Misandry shouldn’t be confused with feminism. Misandry is the absolute hate of the male gender. Whereas Feminism only fights for equal rights while still respecting men as individuals. It’s for this reason that feminists can be really sexy.

Reason Why Feminism is Sexy
  1. She knows what she wants

Feminism shows that a woman knows what she wants. She will stand up for what she believes in and she will fight for equal rights. It’s great to date a woman who knows where she is going, her moral compass is high and she takes life with two strong hands.

  1. She has ambition

You’ll know that when you date a feminist woman, that she will have her own dreams and goals. And she will understand when you get nervous before a big presentation at work because she has felt those same nerves. She will support you during busy and challenging times at work because she understands the pressure of a corporate lifestyle.

  1. She won’t overpower you

A feminist woman is sexy because she can be a boss at work but she knows how to be a lady at home. She will respect your opinion as much as you respect her.

  1. She displays power and confidence

A strong woman is a sexy woman. Don’t expect her to overreact or be over emotional. She knows what she wants, she is confident and she will be able to overcome any obstacle that life throws at her. And she has probably faced many hardships before and has shown that she can cope in any situation.

  1. She shows intelligence

Wanting equal rights shows that your lady has thought about life and what it has to offer. She wants to better herself to be seen in the world – whether it’s in the work force or amongst her peers. And she makes sure that she knows what’s going on in the news and that she can carry herself in any social situation. She is sexy because you can introduce her to your work colleagues and your family – she will always have something to talk about.

  1. It shows a caring and kind nature


The main reason why feminists fight for equal rights is that they care. They care about other women. They want the best for themselves and the people around them. Having a woman who is a feminist as a partner will boost your own confidence as she will love and care for you unconditionally. If you’re looking for a sexy and confident woman, go through the profiles on GoMarry.com to meet your perfect dream girl.

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