Online Dating Guide

Online Dating Guide: What Men Should Know


When women consider potential partners there are a few broad qualities they look for in their men.


  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Social Compatibility
  • Job and Resource Stability
  • Loyalty


And while it’s important to keep these things in mind, it’s also equally important to conduct yourself in the best way possible when you are trying to find your soul mate. Here are six tips that will help you navigate the crazy and wonderful world of online dating. If followed, they could help to improve your odds of finding the one for you.


  1. Know Yourself

Understand what you are looking for. And don’t be shy to articulate that. Just be sure that you aren’t coming off in a pushy or aggressive manner. Ask a female friend if what you are writing comes off badly if you are unsure. She will definitely lead you in the right direction.


  1. Personalize Your Messages

One copy and paste message sent out to a massive amount of women is not only lazy but also completely transparent. Women can spot one of those a mile away, and most likely won’t respond. Find a way to stand out from the pack, take the time to read her profile, and make sure you mention something from it when messaging her. This might mean that you message fewer women in a shorter amount of time, but it’s about quality, not quantity.


  1. Show Don’t Tell

You think your sense of humor is one of your biggest qualities – great! So rather than telling that to someone, show them through your witty writing. The same goes for boasting and bragging. If you say you’re really rich and successful, most probably you aren’t – again, a woman can see through this and move on.


  1. Natural Profile Pics

Your profile picture will say a lot about you. If you use a shirtless selfie taken in the mirror, yes that says a lot about you and not in a good way. And for god’s sake don’t send any unsolicited naked pictures! Women want to see pics of real Photos of you hiking, socializing, or at a family event will make a woman feel at ease talking to you. Your profile picture will be the first thing they will see, so make it count!

  1. Write As You Speak

Please use real words, not made up online lingo. And grammar matters. You could come off lazy, uneducated or aloof. You can’t always guarantee how your messages will be received after all, so take the time you write in complete sentences. This will help to ensure that what you say isn’t misconstrued.


  1. You Aren’t A Child, So Don’t Play Games

Women want a mature partner that can meet them halfway. Keep it honest. If you like them, say so. Equally, if you’re not interested in them, please be upfront. Nobody likes to waste their time. Online dating is the act of filtering out potential matches. No need to be cruel, but a matter of fact message that states incompatibility will suffice.

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