Fishing In the Wrong Sea of Dating

Are You Fishing In the Wrong Sea of Dating?

Well, if you keep on fishing in the same pond, you’re more likely to catch the same fish again and again. But if you’re fishing in the Wrong Sea of dating, you may get nothing


Fishing in the wrong sea is quite common nowadays. With the advancement in technology, people are now getting many options to find true love.

Online dating has gained enormous popularity in the recent era. It is quite simple to find your partner. Just go online, browse online dating sites and select a few one. Create your profile, verify your identity, upload your photos and describe your hobbies, etc, and there you go. You’ll start receiving messages from your potential lovers.

Real: How To turn Online Dating Into The Real Relationship

But is it that simple? No. You must be in the right spot at the right time to find a sincere and loving partner. People struggle when they’re fishing in the wrong sea. They think they’re meeting with the same people again and again or they’re encountering the wrong matches.


Why did this happen?

The first thing is that you’re fishing in the wrong sea. You’re reluctant to try new things. But the problem is that you don’t want to try new seas of dating. You’re comfortable with your current dating sea. Going to find a new sea would take you outside of your comfort zone. It may be a bit of a worry for you to start fishing in a new sea. The reason is that your natural instinct is not allowing you to get out of your comfort zone.


Take help from people around you

Talk to your colleagues or friends and ask how they succeeded in finding the perfect match. Come out of your comfort zone and try to find new places for fishing. Try other seas like ‘local community college’, ‘Friday-night bar-scene’ or a ‘movie theater.’ Well, the options are unlimited. Remember, if you’ll stick to limited seas, you’ll never be successful. Never stick to old online dating sites, try, a trustworthy and reliable marriage site, where you will be assisted to find someone who truly loves you.


Change your mind

Your conditioned mind is programmed to reject any opportunity that will work for you because it doesn’t want you to change. You see an opportunity but you’ve fears. You’re worried how you’ll deal with things in a new scenario. But you’ll have to change your mind and look for new options.

For instance, if you’re looking for a girl between age 21 to 31 and you’re not getting what you desire. The reason is that you don’t feel the level of compatibility with such an age group. You must give a try to mature women. Maybe she’ll be the perfect match for you.

May be you’re searching an online dating site hosting matches only for short term relationships. But you’re looking to build a long-lasting relationship or you may be thinking about children and marriage. In such a case, you must give a try.  Here you’ll find serious people looking to build a strong and loving relationship. So the point is that you should not be fishing in the wrong sea, rather look for better options.

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