How to Deal with Dishonesty In Relationships


Human nature can be a strange thing and people often refer to it when something negative has happened, but should this really be the right thing to do. When somebody does something wrong they can often try to defend themselves by simply saying that it is just human nature. However, you can’t just let someone get away with poor behavior just because they claim that it is human nature, and the same should be said for someone being dishonest in a relationship too. There should be no room for dishonesty in a relationship but, with that said, there are ways in which you can get the trust back after someone lies, but it is going to take time and work.


If you find that your partner has been dishonest in your relationship but you love them so much and you are sure that you can get things back on track, then there are a few things you will need to do. Before you go off the boil and start screaming and shouting at your partner, try to get to the bottom of why they felt the need to be dishonest in the first place. Sit them down and talk to them, letting them know that you know they have been dishonest and, while you are disappointed, you just want to know why they felt they couldn’t be open and honest with you. After all, being open and honest is the best way to make a relationship work.


Meanwhile, it is important that you find out exactly what they were hoping to achieve from hiding things from you. Were they trying to spare your feelings? Were they embarrassed about the situation they have got themselves in? Or were they just being selfish and didn’t want to to get caught doing something they shouldn’t be. Either way, it is important that you get to the bottom of this dishonesty so that you can work towards getting the relationship back on track if that is something which you feel can be done and should be worked on.


As well as that, it is going to be important that, once you have got to the bottom of this dishonesty, you find the best way to get over it and move on. Forgive your partner but make it clear that they are going to need to work to win that trust back. Set goals with one another and promise each other that you will be open and honest about everything from now on. Make sure that you set aside some time so that you can really spend that quality time with one another and remember all of the great things you share together.


Dishonesty is not something which should be taken lightly in a relationship but, if the relationship is strong enough and you want it enough, then it can be worked on and you can definitely get that trust, love, and romance back. A relationship is a partnership, so work together, support one another and find the right way to work towards that long and happy life together.

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