Flirt: Signs that Someone is Flirting with You


For some of us, flirt is an exciting stage of the dating world that comes to us naturally. While for others, figuring out whether someone is flirting or not can be very confusing. For example, if you’re shy or have social anxiety, someone could be flirting with you. But your fears will have you convincing yourself that it’s coincidental or you’re just imagining it. How do you know when someone is actually flirting with you or if it’s just in your head? This article might be useful for you.


Body Language


Something to pay attention to other than tone of voice, eye contact, and the actual content is spoken, is body language. If you’re in a group and someone specifically chooses to stand next to you instead of someone else, it could be an indicator that they like you. This can also be the case if they’re comfortable enough to be close to you while walking. Open arms and a relaxed stance lets you know they feel comfortable and can be seen as an open invitation to engage with them. Almost any physical contact is a positive gesture. If they’re putting their hand on your arm, play-fighting, hugging, tickling or leaning up against you. It’s very likely that they’re attracted to you. Not many people are okay with being that close to someone unless there is a reason behind it.


Laughter as a Cute Gesture


Men and women tend to flirt differently. Usually, men are a lot more forward. They will typically talk about more relationship based topics, they’ll try to be funny, they’ll offer to buy drinks, and they’ll make an effort to initialize physical contact as often as possible. Women normally don’t like being so obvious though. They try to put out just enough signals to keep a guy interested, but not so much that he thinks it’s a done deal.

She might make cute or suggestive comments, often with deeper meaning hidden between the lines. She’ll pay attention to the guy but then play hard to get, in an attempt to have the guy pursue her. A common flirting method from both sexes is an excessive amount of laughter. They laugh at nearly everything the other person says to make them feel like they’re funnier than they really are.

Difference of Flirting


It’s also pretty easy these days to mistake politeness for flirtation. Everyone is normally so distant and closed off from one another that basic manners and conversation are taken as an invitation for something more. It’s not always easy to pick up on these signals though. Everyone is different, so flirt techniques vary greatly from person to person. For instance, the difference between extroverted and introverted flirtation is vast. Extroverts will try and stand out to attract the attention of their crush, while introverts will sit quietly and exchange meaningful and suggestive looks to display interest. What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another. We’re all unique, so it comes down who you are and who you’re naturally compatible with. It’s our deeper attributes that end up defining who we’re meant to be with.



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