You’re in ‘Flirtationship ’: Signs & Advantages

You’re in ‘Flirtationship: Signs & Advantages

Everybody enjoys a friendly bit of flirting from time to time.  Especially when we are single we consider Flirtationship as our social right.

What is Flirtationship?

Flirtationship is the next stage of flirting where you tend to show somewhat seriousness. With that said, you might not actually even know that you are in a Flirtationship. There are some signs which will make you know where exactly you stand in a relationship.


Flirtationship is a nice and fun way to engage your favorite person

Flirtationship is a nice, fun and relaxing way to interact with someone who you are attracted to. It allows you to express your heart out without actually having to take things to that next.

If you find yourself sharing your jokes with someone.


Signs & Advantages of Flirtationship

You keep tagging him or her in your memes and posts online.  Know it as a sign that you are in a Flirtationship with them.

As well as that, you have a number of photos of them on your phone.  You regularly send them many smile emojis and heart emojis, giving that extra flirtatious edge.

While the two of you seem like the perfect couple and you really do see one another as being an ideal partner. There is always something there which holds both of you back from taking things any further, which again suits both of you.


Flirtationship saves you from unwanted pressure

It may sound upsetting that you have someone so close to you and yet you never try to go for serious relationship together. Some may regret it but these types of things are actually better this way.

There is no pressure on you, everything is so much fun and two of you are always relaxed. You are both still single and aware of this fact that anyone can have the liberty to easily part ways.  When one of you does get into a serious relationship, it is not going to be difficult to bid him goodbye. No heartache or heartbreak and nothing to repent for.


Meanwhile, if you find that you have been in a Flirtationship and that things have now come to an end. One of you has parted his or her way to be with someone else. It is surely a time for you to also go ahead and find that perfect someone for you.

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