Why Friendship is Necessary To Make A Relationship Last Longer


We all know that friendship is the basis of every relationship. But few of us know why having your partner or husband be your friend is so important or why relationships based on friendship last longer.


Being His Friend First

Contrary to popular belief. Most affairs do not happen in the bedroom, they end there. Men who are not able to communicate with their partner feel like they have no meaningful connection. They will seek out friendship in a woman because women are naturally better listeners. How many times have you heard she is just a friend only to be told later that the friendship ended up in the bedroom? That is because a man wants to be heard and needed to be faithful. Being his friend will make sure he comes to you with his problems and successes rather than forming a connection with another woman


Friends Have Fun

Your relationship was fun in the beginning. You enjoyed his interests and shared a connection through mutual interests. Your relationship with your boyfriend or husband will evolve but if it is based on friendship the fun will remain. A lot of men who are not faithful cheat with women who share common interests. You do not have to actively participate in his interests but being present and there to support him will show that you are still fun to have around. He will include you as one of his friends if you are mature enough to give up some of your time for his fun. has tons of tips and tricks to put the fun back into your relationship.


Friends Fight and Carry On

We are talking about men here. Men will generally hash out their disagreements, shake hands and grab a beer or bite to eat. Why would your boyfriend or husband want to come home to the same argument and drama every day? Being his friend does not mean that you will not have arguments but having a relationship based on friendship means that you move on when the fight is done. No reminders, no sulking, no drama! Be mature or we can guarantee you that you will become a problem and you cannot expect him to be faithful.


Respect For Him and For Each Other

Friends respect each other. They do not deliberately go out of their way to disrespect or create drama for each other. Basing your relationship with your boyfriend or husband on friendship will mean that your relationship can evolve and mature naturally. Friends always have a special, deep connection of respect for one another and each friendship is unique. Allow your partner to have friendships outside of your relationship and have faith that because you respect each other, your friendship with him will be his number one priority.


Being friends and basing your romantic relationship with your boyfriend or husband on friendship definitely ensures a lasting, happy relationship. A sincere connection, mature approach to your partner and a playful friendship will mean that your relationship is long and meaningful and that it will evolve into old age the way it should. With both parties being 100% faithful.

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