How to Date a Gemini Woman

Many people believe that the time and place you were born to determine your personality and habits later on in your life. If you compare astrological signs and relationship patterns, you will see that they are confirmed in many cases.


That said, Gemini women can be one of the most complicated women to date. However, if you’re compatible, a relationship with a Gemini woman can be a true fairy tale.


Traits of the Gemini woman

A Gemini woman is characterized by two personalities within one person. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this woman is deceitful and two-faced, but that she simply has a more complex personality.

Gemini women are charming, funny, interesting, social, seductive, playful, passionate, complex, resourceful, witty, unpredictable, fascinating… The primary traits of these women are that they are complex and unpredictable. For many men, this can cause them to be perceived as “non-relationship material“. If you’re into routine, comfort, and predictability, you’ll definitely not be happy with a Gemini woman.


A Gemini Woman in a Relationship

We already learned that Gemini women are quite complex creatures, so what are they like in their sex life and relationships?

First of all,  a Gemini woman is an intellectual and conversational being. In her love life, she will search for a man that’s her intellectual equal and with whom she can have deep, meaningful conversations.

A Gemini woman is a dynamic and loyal partner. Since her mind is ruled by logic, she’s capable of seeing both sides to every problem, which means that she won’t adamantly stick to her opinions during an argument.

She’s also open-minded and extroverted, so in sex, it’s important that her man is imaginative, strong and dynamic. She likes experimenting and trying out things out-of-the-box. She’s a generous partner who likes pleasing her partner.

It’s a common misconception that a Gemini partner gets bored in a relationship and that they’re not reliable. It’s just the opposite: if you click with them, you can expect the best relationship of your life. A Gemini woman is most compatible with Aquarius, Libra, and Sagittarius.


Dating a Gemini Woman

Just as you might expect based off their personality traits, dating a Gemini woman can be a real rollercoaster.

To attract a Gemini woman in the first place, don’t lavish her with compliments because she will see right through you. Rather, show off your intelligence and wit and you’re guaranteed to spark her imagination.

Gemini women are very talkative and open so you can expect there’ll be no awkward silences on your dates. In order to provide a great environment for her talks, develop your active listening skills and always be focused.

Secondly, if you’re an indoors person, get ready to be taken out of your shell by a Gemini woman. This person simply can’t stand being indoors and will always try to spend as much time as possible outside. If you don’t like nature, outdoors or dynamic activities, dating a Gemini woman will not be enjoyable for you.


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