Friendzone: you love her, but don’t realize it yet


Many young men are constantly in contact with one specific girl, usually referred to as their ‘best friend’ or someone they just really like to hang out with. Being in a friendzone can be a frustrating place but letting a relationship bloom out of a beautiful friendship is quite wonderful. Perhaps you have a friend, who is a girl, she’s funny and cute but you never thought of her as being your girlfriend. encourages beautiful friendships that turn into successful and committed relationships. Here is a list of signs that you actually love her, when you haven’t considered it yet.


You are constantly thinking about her


Whenever you see something interesting on television or in public, you think about her. Basically, everything around you, remind you of something she said or something she is interested in. Maybe you find yourself daydreaming about her during a meeting or at work. This is an obvious sign that you love her.


When you’re not with her, you wish you were


Cooking for yourself isn’t as fun as it is cooking with her. Even when you’re at a group gathering you wish she was there, because her presence makes everything more fun. You enjoy her conversations and are looking forward to her witty and smart sayings in a crowd. She makes events much more enjoyable. And you wish that she was invited to all the parties that you have to go to.


You enjoy talking to her


Whether it’s in person or on the phone, the two of you have a lot to talk about. You value her opinion and enjoy listening to her views on specific topics. You find yourself phoning her, just to have a quick chat. She challenges you and you don’t like saying goodbye after a night of conversation.


She’s the first person you think of when you need to invite someone to a family gathering


When you are invited to a family wedding or other celebratory dinners and you have to bring a date. You immediately think of inviting her as your plus one. She doesn’t embarrass you and you are proud to call her your friend, and your family members like her, a lot.


You find yourself thinking about how naturally gorgeous she is


Even though you haven’t thought of her sexually, you find yourself staring at her and thinking about how beautiful her face, hair or hands are. You have thought about how lucky the guy she is going to end up with will be. Well, that guy could be you, if you only realized it!


You get a bit jealous when she goes on a date with someone else


The two of you aren’t exclusive, you haven’t even kissed. But you feel a stab of jealousy whenever she mentions another guy or when she goes out without you. A small amount of jealousy can be healthy and it’s the first sign that you really like someone.

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