Frugality: How To be In a Relationship with Frugal Man


Money, the thing that makes the world go round. Money is also an important thing in any relationship. So important actually, that many people cite money as the reason for their fights and relationship issues. Decisions about who is responsible for bringing in the income and who pays what bill, can be a constant battleground. One partner overspends, whilst the other doesn’t even want to treat the other a little bit. So what do you do when you realize the man that you met is frugal? He doesn’t like to spend money. Is he cheap or is he a saver? The frugality of men falls into one of these two categories. Whether to keep the relationship going really depends on his character and whether you can live without all the things you like.


Frugality Through Being Cheap

It is a modern world and many men feel that women should also contribute to expenses. However, this should not stand in the way of being impressive on a date. A guy who makes you pay for half of your meal on a first date at a fast food restaurant can definitely come across as cheap.

Women like to be treated and a man who has an issue with spending just a small amount on you might not be the best fit. It can indicate that other issues may arise in the future; he might not like to give you enough time of day or even leave you feeling that there is a lack of love.


The frugality of a Saver

Women constantly say they are looking for a partner that can control his money, in other words, a saver. There is a world of difference between savers and being cheap. Someone who saves is concerned with his money in the future, wants to have enough to live comfortably, and does not want to go into a lot of debt.

Those are noble causes to be frugal and entirely different to being cheap. Few women will have an issue if a man asks her to pay for snacks at a movie after he pays for the tickets. We all value money and want to save as much of it as possible. Frugality shows responsibility and that is attractive to women.


Making the Relationship Work

A frugal man is an asset in a relationship, and actually, all people should adopt frugality to save their money. This is easier said than done and some sacrifices will have to be made if you want this relationship to continue. Consider your own spending and determine where you can cut costs. Doing this will help give you the same frugal mindset and allow you to save money. If there are certain things you cannot live without, then you need to accept that it can become a pressure point in your relationship.


You can still have tons of fun and treat each other, without spending a lot of money. Having a picnic in a local park and taking homemade snacks is enjoyable and inexpensive. You can also spend time watching movies at home and enjoying each other’s company. Try to set out some money to go on a date once a month; one way to do this is to save all your small change in a piggy bank. It quickly adds up to a substantial amount for dinner. A relationship with a frugal man can be one of the best ever. His control over his finances will spill over into other areas of his life. Your relationship will take on a new depth and you will also benefit from extra savings.

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