How to Let a Man Know That You’re Not out of His League

How to Let a Man Know That You’re Not out of His League

Typically it is the male who makes the first move but because you are technically out of his league, you might die waiting while he secretly pines for you


So, you have met an incredible guy but the problem is, you are way out of his league by common social standards.  First of all, congratulations for being (a) super hot or (b) super confident. Well done you! There are many women who would do anything to have your looks or high self-esteem, but that aside, let’s talk about how to deal with your enviable problem.

So what to do? Well, there are a number of ways to initiate an interaction ranging from subtle to not so subtle.

Whether your crush is a virgin who has never been on a date, a born introvert or suffering from low self-esteem? There are plenty of tips and tricks that will get his attention and let him know you are not out of his league in an indirect way.  By the way, in case you want to expand your options, offers a range of high-quality men who are looking for a wife.

While you get the thumbs up for choosing a guy not based on his looks but on his character, let’s delve a little deeper into the scenario.



Flirting to Let Him Know You’re Not out of His League

Okay, so the first and most subtle step is to flirt with the object of your affection. Flirting usually starts off as light-hearted banter with lots of jokes and laughing, intermingled with plenty of compliments and flattery.

If he is funny, make sure he knows that you think so. For example, every time he makes you laugh emphasize this by saying “You are so funny!” or “How do you make me laugh so much?” If he is intense, you could write him a poem or find one online to give to him.

In between the flirty comments, ask him lots of questions about himself and get to know him. Find out about his friends and family, where he comes from, and what he likes and doesn’t like. You can also use body language by lightly touching his arm or hand.

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Make the First Move to Show Him You’re Not out of His League

Ladies, in this day and age there is absolutely no good reason as to why you shouldn’t make the first move. Especially if the guy you admire is super shy. This is probably the only way that things will ever get going between the two of you. Why not invite him to a movie, a dinner, a walk in the park or anything that you feel like doing?

You could start off by inviting him to a group event if you would prefer. Host a barbecue for (insert reason) and invite him and all your friends for a night of fun. You could tell him that he can bring his friends too so that he doesn’t feel outnumbered or get suspicious of your motives.

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Basically, you want to try and spend as much time with him as possible, so continue to invite him to hang out with you in various settings. Over time, he will begin to feel more comfortable around you and possibly realize that he has a chance.

However, he may think that you just see him as a friend for quite some time, so if all else fails, and he is not getting the hint. Grab him and smooch him which will instantly take him from zero to hero.

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