Gaslighting: How to Deal With People Messing With Your Mind


What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a term that refers to trying to convince you that you’re wrong about something even when you aren’t. Your partner tries to make you feel like you are crazy for feeling the way you feel. Such behavior falls in the category of abusive manipulation. It is an insidious act that makes you mistrust and doubts what you feel, experience, or think. In simple words, it’s an amazingly brutal way to play with your mind. Your spouse mends all the situations according to his desire by creating doubts in your head. In the end, you lose all of your sense of self and self-confidence and become a puppet in his hands.

Gaslighting is a relationship starts off as a small thing and you don’t notice it initially. You don’t even know you’re being gaslighted. At the first stage, the abuser plants seeds of doubts in your mind. Slowly, these doubts are transformed into full-on fabrications. After that, you start doubting even about your reality and this is what allows the abuser to assert control over your life.

If you express your concern, the abuse says, ‘you’re becoming too sensitive.’ However, you can turn the tables and you can come out of this situation victorious. Let me guide you on how to deal with gaslighting and the gaslighter.

Know the pattern

Know the pattern of undermining behavior. Such behavior can only work when you’re not aware that you’re being gaslighted. However, if you know about the pattern, gaslighting will never affect you. You’ll be able to recognize it at an initial stage. In this way, you’ll be able to defend yourself against the abuser.

Stick to your decisions

It doesn’t matter whether you take right or wrong decisions, never allow others to interfere with or alternate them. Dig your heels in and remain confident about what you know to be true. There is no need to fight with your spouse but you must stick to your decisions.

Your independence really matters

The main objective of the gaslighter is to control your life. To prevent it, you must keep your life as self-sufficient and independent as possible. Invest in your own friends, habits, and hobbies. Value your independence and stay committed to yourself. Believe me, your continued sense of self-reliance and independence will help you to stand up to the gaslighter.

Talk to him the right way

Remember, your defensive behavior acts as a fuel for the gaslighter. You must straightforwardly tell your partner what he’s saying is not right and you’ve no doubt about your thoughts. Or you can say that you’re not seeing the things the same way as your partner is.

Say goodbye to the gaslighter

If the gaslighter doesn’t change his behavior, say him goodbye. You can’t keep such a relationship alive. In such a scenario, leave him and look for a better partner at Here you’ll find thousands of profiles of sincere and loving guys. So don’t waste time and register at now.


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