What are the Different Types Of Relationships To Define Your Love Life

What are the Different Types Of Relationships: Define Your Love Life

Each relationship is different. Just like there are countless of different personality types with different habits and lifestyles, there are manifold different relationship types


There are different types of relationships. Depending on your personality, you will usually attract people with a similar personality pattern into your love life. However, depending on your chemistry, mutual dynamics, communication and time, the relationship will develop in its unique course.

What are the types of relationships you can usually experience in your love life?


Co-dependent relationship

To be in a co-dependent relationship means that you’re mutually dependent on one another. A classic example of this type of relationship is the one between a narcissist and an empath. Each of the partners has something they’re looking for in another person. When these needs mutually click, you’ll find that it’s impossible to break free from this relationship.

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Let’s learn some of the types of relationships

Open relationship

Being a part of an open relationship means allowing your partner to see other people outside your relationship. Of course, in order for it to function, it has to work both ways – for your side relationships as well. There are usually some terms that partners set before embarking on a hard journey of being in an open relationship. However, these kinds of relationships rarely succeed.


Controlling relationship

In a controlling relationship, one partner dominates over the other. Usually, it’s the case that the man is the dominant partner in the relationship, but both scenarios are possible. These power relations usually appeal to the low self-confidence of one or both partners and lack of communication. In a controlling relationship, people usually seek to solve some underlying issues through their power-play relationship.


Rebound relationship

Finding a rebound partner means going after someone after you’ve broken up with someone. People usually do this to take their mind off their ex or to feel less lonely and hurt after a hard breakup.

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Toxic relationship

There are many types of toxic relationships, but one common trait is that they affect one or both partners negatively. Even though it seems like common sense to just break up, many people find it very hard to leave a toxic relationship due to its addictive nature.


Casual fling

Not all relationships are serious: you can have a casual fling with someone and simply have fun with no deeper meaning. However, it’s important that both partners are aware that the relationship is casual. Otherwise, one of the partners might end up hurt and too invested in a doomed relationship.


Sex relationship

Just like casual relationships, there are adult relationships that can revolve around sex only. If you’re regularly having sex with someone, but you’re not going on dates and you’re not even talking that much, you’re in a sexual relationship.

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