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Girl Has a Crush: What Happens & Why It’s Important


In a guy’s opinion, girls become really strange when they develop a crush. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they think that about each other too. But what really happens inside her head and how does a girl’s crush affect her behavior? Well, it’s not really that complicated…


She becomes nearly obsessed with the guy

Okay, maybe it’s not worth calling the police or anything like that, but a girl’s crush will basically be the main thing on her mind, all the time. The younger she is, the more she’ll think about the person she likes.

As we all know, thoughts often turn into acts too. A girl will become more and more curious regarding the things her crush likes or does. That could mean going through all his social media, scrolling through his posts all the way back in time when he first opened his Facebook account. When I say she wants to know everything, I mean it.


She looks for reasons to be close to her crush

Once she found out what songs her crush was sharing online five years ago and whether he likes dogs or cats more based on the pages he follows on Instagram, a girl will put all this info together and make the best of it.

Common interests are not to be ignored and she will highlight them as much as she can. One of the strategies is going into public places where he tends to hang out a lot. Oh, but the best idea is getting common friends. If her friends are close to his, it’s time to celebrate!


She constantly talks about her crush

If you ask me, it isn’t that safe to simply talk about someone wherever you go. What if a girl’s crush appears right behind her? What if one of the other boys in his group hears and they will all make fun of her? A typical solution? She’ll do some brainstorming with her besties and they’ll come up with the most hilarious nicknames to suit the guy just right.

That gives young ladies the perfect chance to hyper-analyze every single word he says or gestures he makes. Because they simply must figure out somehow if the ‘victim’ of his charm could ever be the object of his affection too.


She makes all the scenarios

Every step a girl takes during an interaction with her crush is of utmost importance… at least inside her head. She will carefully plan each move she might make and will definitely ask friends for ideas on how to text him.

Not only that, but a girl’s imagination could take her years into the future, right to the point where they own a house by the lake, have two kids and three pets. And it all starts with a successful match on GoMarry.com


Why are crushes important

Although it might all sound fun, having a crush is really exhausting and people often end up getting hurt too. Putting all that energy and care into a person who might not even know your name is pointless. Sometimes girls hang on to their crushes for years with no result.

Sure, some might get lucky, the guy could have feelings too and they end up building a strong, long-lasting relationship. But don’t waste your time. Developing a crush on the coolest boy around will get you nowhere if you cry over him not even saying ‘hello’.


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