Behaviors That Are More Harmful Than Cheating

Behaviors That Are More Harmful Than Cheating

Cheating is often considered the big bad of the dating world. It results in depression, anxiety, emotional distress, actual physical pain and an increase in risk-taking behavior


If we carefully analyze human nature we find that there are many painful and harmful relationship behaviors that endanger the relationship slowly but surely other than being unfaithful to your lover.

Let me reveal the silent relationship killers that are more damaging than cheating.


Being secretive and dishonest

People keep secrets for many reasons. Sometimes, they don’t want to hurt the feelings of their partner or they want to save their face. But if they want to keep a thing secret not to hurt you, why they engaged in that thing in the first place? If they feel like there’s anything they need to keep from their partner, they’re not in a committed relationship. Keeping secrets is the worst kind of behavior that can actually soil the relationship.

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Being selfish

Being selfish in not only behavior but for some people, it seems to be the way of their life. It’s human nature that he thinks about himself in the first place. But when you’re in a relationship, you are expected to be unselfish. When you say ‘yes’ to yourself, you’re actually saying ‘no’ to your relationship which will wear away at your relationship. It results in the imbalance and quite frustrating and depressive for your partner.


Being Fake

You told your partner you like going out to clubs and cafes when you actually hate such places. Or you pretend you hate romantic movies when you actually love them. You tell your partner that you’re not serious about him but actually, you think about him all the time. As a matter of fact, you present a false version of yourself.


You lie to your partner

Of course, occasionally telling white lies won’t doom your relationship for sure. However, if you develop a habit of lying, it is really damaging. You should always be honest with your partner and you should be able to talk to them about everything. Remember, if you lie, you’re going to break your partner’s trust. Liers and hitters exhibit the worst kind of relationship behaviors, you need to stay warned.

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Poor communication

You need not to texting your partner all day but have healthy communication to keep your relationship alive. Share your thoughts and feelings and try to know what your partner wants. Never keep anything bottled up, as it always finds a way to explode at the worst possible time.


Lack of Forgiveness

When you experience hurt by a relationship behaviors, you harbor that pain. When you hold that pain for a long time, you refuse to forgive your partner. You must realize that if you don’t forgive your partner, it will not only hurt him but also hurt you.  Refusing to forgive your lover will eat away at your emotional happiness. Further, it will destroy your relationship.


You never compromise

Your partner may have different beliefs, backgrounds, and values. If you’re not compromising, you’ll end up your relationship. Both of you need to be willing to compromise on a lot of things. If you’re looking for a healthy relationship, you must visit the world’s top marriage site

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